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My First Toy

This is my last blog entry of the year 2009. I figured this drawing would be fitting for this entry because it's of my first toy, a plush crow with a rubber face, which I got when I was born. As far as I know, I never had a name for it like I did my teddy bear Freddy. My parents kept it for years after I grew out of it. Not too long ago, they gave it back to me when they were sorting through some stuff. After the Freddy drawing I figured my first toy would be a good subject for a drawing, and another opportunity to use colored pencils. This is it for 2009. I'll be blogging my first blog of the new year soon, so watch for that. Happy New Year!


I drew this the night after Christmas Day. It's a drawing of my childhood friend. I got him for Christmas in 1986, when I was about five years old. I still have him now. I drew him in color pencil, and I drew him pretty much as he looked when I first got him. Now he's got bald spots on his chest, and his bow tie looks a little dirty. And his fur may not be as fuzzy as it used to. But I still think he's awesome.


I hope you all had a very merry Christmas. I did. It sucks that it's over. I changed my music playlist on here back to the regular one. I figure, if you're like me, you don't want to think too much about the fact that it's not Christmas anymore. But I had a great Christmas with my family. They actually got up before I did this year. As is our Christmas Day tradition, we opened presents at home, then went over to Grandma's house and opened presents from her, then we all had Christmas dinner. The picture above is one I gave to my grandma as a Christmas present. I put it in a frame that said "I love my grandma", except there's a heart in place of the word "love". New Year's Eve is coming up. My family and I are going to have a snack spread and watch the ball drop. Next year is not only a new year, but the start of a new decade. So it'll be interesting to see what the new decade has in store.

Merry Christmas!


Fish in Bowl

My dad checked out a book from the library for me titled Colored Pencil. I've been reading the book, sharpening my skills with colored pencils. I've done a couple pictures so far, and this is the second one. The first one I might post later, as well as probably other ones to come.

Superman Logos

Usually, I put the titles of the artworks in the title for the blog post, but considering the titles for these are kind of long, I decided to just use the title "Superman Logos". The first one is titled "Supermen - The Blur Logo". That's the one above. I basically took a picture of the Superman logo and photoshopped it to look like the logo on the shirt part of Clark Kent's "The Blur" costume on Smallville. Someone asked if I could do a logo like that for the villain Zod, so I did it. There it is below.

It's titled "Superman - Smallville Zod logo". Like with The Blur logo I photoshopped a picture of the Zod logo to look like the logo on Clark Kent's shirt part of his costume does.

New URL!

Hopefully this won't be too confusing for people who've gotten used to my old URL, but I've changed my URL for my art blog here. I figure it'll look better on my business cards. The URL was, but, as you can see, it's now

Ben Bailey

Recently, I got this autograph from Ben Bailey, comedian, actor, and star of the hit show Cash Cab on the Discovery channel. I decided to draw a portrait of Ben from the autograph I got from him.

Ben's got a website at He's a hilarious comedian. To me, he's one of the best comedians I've ever seen. He's a very talented actor too. Ben Bailey is an awesome guy.

Comics Aren't Just for Kids Anymore

Here is a research paper I did for my English class this semester in college. It's about my favorite subject, comic books. My instructor graded it as my rough and final drafts and gave me a perfect score, which I'm really proud of.

Josh Ralls
Stephanie Peterson
12 October 2009
Comics Aren’t Just for Kids Anymore

When a lot of people think about comics, they think it’s just kid’s stuff. They think “Pow!”, “Biff!”, “Bam!”. But comics aren’t just for kids anymore. In fact as writer, editor, publisher and president of DC Comics Paul Levitz puts it, “Comics not only aren’t only for kids, they’re not mostly for kids today (“Comic Book Superheroes”)”. Comics have become more mature and sophisticated over the years, and there has been an increase in adult readers. Comics being for kids has gone from being a fact to being a stereotype. I remember an episode of the MTV reality series Room Raiders. The premise of the show is that one person goes through the apartmen…

Pumpkinheads 2009 Part II

Here's the big pumpkinhead. It's a three-eyed mutant. I'd never painted a pumpkin with more, or less, than two eyes, so I drew and painted three eyes on this one. I painted the stem green. The finishing touch was the green drool. I just thought it would look cool. Thanksgiving is this week. My family and I have already started decorating for Christmas. I'm a big eater so Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays. Second to Christmas, which is my number one favorite holiday. Just a reminder, I've got prints for sale in my DeviantArt gallery. I'm thinking of adding more soon.

Pumpkinheads 2009

Here are a couple pictures of some pumpkins I painted this Halloween. I'm a little late posting them, but better late than never. Looking at the first picture, here's what's what in order from left to right. There's the vampire pumpkin, the goofy faced pumpkin, the werewolf pumpkin, and the Bubba J pumpkin, which is based on Jeff Dunham's character of the same name. I paint pumpkins every Halloween. Usually they're small ones. I did paint a big one this Halloween, and I'll probably post a picture of that in the next blog entry.


It amazes me that next year is the beginning of a new decade. I wonder what it will be called. This decade is called the noughties from what I've read.

Here in the present, I can now show you my "Computerbot" drawing on my blog. The 9 contest ended awhile back. Unfortunately I didn't win, but it's cool just to enter. Even if I don't win my art gets more exposure. It doesn't have the dark and gritty look of 9, but it's what I thought up. It's probably better suited to a Pixar movie.

I'm about ready to give up on the DeviantArt Module. It keeps going out of order. I think I might just stick with my linked graphic, which is my logo with my DeviantArt page's URL below it. Unless I come up with a newer graphic.

DeviantArt Module Working Again (For now at least.)

The DeviantArt module is working again, although there's always the possibility that it will be out of order again in the future. But I've got a substitute for it when and if it is.

DeviantArt Module Out of Order (Upated)

Once again the DeviantArt module off the right of my blog is out of order. I've removed it until it gets fixed. Until then, I have my DeviantArt page in the links so if you want to see it you can go to it from there. Hopefully I won't have to deal with this problem too often or I'm going to quit using the Blogger module for DeviantArt and stick with putting my own link to my DeviantArt gallery on here.

Update: I put an image linking to my DeviantArt page off to the right under "My DeviantArt Gallery".

Prints for Sale

I'm now selling prints of some of my artworks on Right now I've only got two on there. I may not have prints available in all sizes but I'll try to get as many sizes on there as I can. You can go right to the prints for sale here, or you can click on the DeviantArt section off to the right of my blog and go to the Prints for Sale folder of my gallery.

Natasha Bedingfield

This is a picture I drew in 2006 of singer-songwriter Natasha Bedingfield. Here's an interesting bit of trivia. Natasha Bedingfield and singer-songwriter Daniel Bedingfield are siblings.

Zine Reviews by Jolie Noggle

As you may have noticed I have links to other blogs and sites in a list off to the right of my blog. One of them is Zine Reviews by Jolie Noggle. She posted a review on her blog where she mentions my site, so I thought I'd return the favor by letting you know about her site. Jolie is the wife of a classmate of mine, and on her site she vlogs reviews of zines and sites and things. Some content on there is not suitable for children. To check it out go here or click on the link in the Links list.

Eliza Patricia Dushku/Ghoul

Today is a twofer. If I'd posted this yesterday I could have called it a Tuesday twofer. First is the drawing above of Eliza Dushku. I tend to title my blog posts after the artworks I'm posting, unless I'm not posting one. This one is titled "Eliza Patricia Dushku". I don't know how many drawings I've done of Eliza now but she's one of my favorite people to draw.

This one is titled "Ghoul". I think it's one of the pictures I doodled in high school during Study Hall. I figured this is a good month to post any horror themed drawings, since it's the month of Halloween.

Ghostbusters Ghost

I thought it would be cool to make up my own ghost for the Ghostbusters to bust, and here's what I came up with. It's awkward looking but all the Ghostbusters ghosts look odd, so I think it works. There will, hopefully, be a Ghostbusters III in the next few years. A script has been written and Ivan Reitman is going to direct, and all of the original cast will be back with the exception of Rick Moranis, unless he decides to return and they write his character into the script. And supposedly there will be new additions to the Ghostbusters team. The original GBs will be their mentors. That's what the people involved with the movie have said. I'm looking forward to Ghostbusters III. I hope they make it.

Spider-man Face

Here's a picture I drew of Spider-man in 2002. I think at the time I was considering drawing Spider-man in the style of the movie. Some comic book artists have their own way of drawing Spider-man. I was thinking if I get into the comics business at some point I'd draw Spider-man the way he looks in the movie. Other artists in the biz have done that. I don't know if I'd still do that. There's going to be a Venom movie. I've seen articles about it on comic book and movie news sites. Honestly I wouldn't mind if they recast Eddie Brock/Venom. I'm one of the people who liked Spider-man 3 and Topher Grace is a good actor but he didn't seem like Eddie Brock/Venom. Brock is a big, bulky, muscular guy with a bad attitude. Topher Grace wasn't that muscular compared to the comics version and he played Brock as an egotistical, whiny young punk. Eddie Brock never would've been so whiny and I don't think he would've asked God to kill P…


This is the third in my series of virtue drawings. I drew this in pencil and then went over the lines with a black Sharpie and a black ink pen. Then I colored the heart and "LOVE" with a red Sharpie. After that I colored the banner with a brown colored pencil. There are actually lots more virtues I could draw. Who knows. Maybe I'll draw them some time.

Blue Lantern of Hope

I did the hope drawing tonight that I mentioned doing last night. I decided to use the Blue Lantern symbol from the Green Lantern comics. I drew it on paper as I do with most of my drawings, then scanned it and played with it in photoshop. There are several different colors of Lanterns now in the Green Lantern comics. I haven't kept up that well lately because I don't make it over to the place I buy comics at very often. I actually haven't been there in awhile. I'm hoping to go once a month eventually. Course I could also subscribe to Green Lantern. Next up I think I'll do a drawing representing love. I'll blog that some time this week.

Peace Sign

I got a couple Boyd's Bears ornaments at Lowe's today and one is holding a tag that says "peace" and the other is holding a tag that says "hope". They inspired me to do this drawing of a peace sign. The sign itself is from the 60s, but I made it especially 60s by putting flowers on it and the word "peace" below it with the peace hand gesture next to it. I think I'll do a hope drawing too. I took another math quiz this week, this one for chapter 4 in my math book. I usually have my sister with me just in case I need help, because she's better at math than I am. This time I did it on my own and I got 76.2%. Which is pretty good.


Here's an acrylic painting on canvas I did of my sister's peach faced love bird. The family pet, named Max. He's a goofy cool little bird. We got him, I think around 1996 or 1997 and he was pretty much a baby then. To Max, my sister is like his mother. He's learned some things. My sister let's him nibble on some candy sometimes and sip orange soda. They say you aren't supposed to do that but it hasn't hurt him any. It just makes him kind of hyper sometimes. Whenever my sister is sitting at her desk in her bed room and says "nonpareils", Max runs down to the desk and pecks on the surface, because that's where Mom pours out some of those little white things from the nonpareils. And then he runs over towards the other end of the other end of the desk because that's where my sister sets the orange soda. He's also learned to shake his head. Like if my sister says it's time for bed and time for him to go back into his cage he…

Christian Bale as Batman

I got one of those little figurines of Batman from The Dark Knight out of the machine at K Mart today so I decided to blog about this Batman drawing I did. I've got another work to talk about to but first I'll talk about this one. I drew this on paper and scanned it. I digitally colored it. I used a textured brush in photoshop in different colors to put a texture over the brown background. I put a little bit of a lighter shade of brown over the regular brown. I colored Batman in sort of a painted style. This is Christian Bale as he appeared as Batman in the first movie, Batman Begins.

As a bonus, here's a picture I colored for a DeviantArt Coloring Bonanza. It's an abstract image. The bird on there is supposed to represent my sister's peach faced Lovebird, the family pet, named Max. The gray character with the dark gray eyebrows is DeviantArt's mascot. I think you can make out some of the other stuff in there. The rest is nothing in particular.

Eliza Smiling

I bet she is. Season 2 of Dollhouse, which stars Eliza Dushku, premiered tonight. And it looks like it's going to be an awesome season. Season 1 was great. This one looks to be even better. Now Paul Ballard is Echo's handler and she's remembering everything from her previous imprints. This drawing of Eliza is of her at the 6th Annual Tribeca Film Festival, for a press conference for her film Nobel Son, in 2007. I actually started this drawing in 2007 and finished it in 2008. I haven't done an Eliza drawing in awhile, although the last one I drew was this year. I'll likely be doing another before the year is over, or more than another one.


I figured I'd do a blog post about different mediums I've done art for. My main medium is pencil drawings. I draw portraits, cars, comic book stuff, etc. Other mediums I've worked in are oil pastels, oil paint, watercolor paint, acrylic paint, chalk pastels, color pencils which I guess fall into the pencil drawings category, ink. I do drawings on computer. Sometimes I scan drawings and digitally color them, other times I do drawings entirely on computer. I've also done ceramics in one of my art classes in high school. That's also where I did the oil and watercolor paintings. I haven't done any watercolor or oil paintings since then but I wouldn't mind if I did get back into that. Back to ceramics, I made pots and I made a bat (as in the animal, not baseball) and Elvis the alligator from Miami Vice. It has the chain with the neck thing and the Miami Vice logo on the lid. It's sort of a container. So I can put something in it and put the lid on. I also ma…

Lelia Broussard

Here's my portrait of Lelia Broussard, a very talented musician who currently has an album out titled Waiting on the 9. This is a portrait of her as she appears in her music video for the song Scared to Feel. You can see that video and others on her official You Tube page here.

Lelia Broussard Drawing/Open Graves

I'm thinking of doing that drawing of Lelia Broussard tomorrow. Lelia Broussard is a great musician. Her latest album is called Waiting on the 9. She's got several sites. Her main site is here. I found out about her on her official You Tube page here.

I watched Open Graves, a horror movie starring Eliza Dushku, on Syfy tonight. I'm not that into gore but it was a very good movie. I was wondering when they were going to release it and it was good to finally see it. I'm a bit biased about movies with Eliza Dushku, but even if she hadn't been it I think it still would've been an interesting movie. I definitely recommend it.

Janey from Korea

Here's the portrait of Janey from Korea that I mentioned in the past couple of blogs. This was my second attempt at drawing her. The first one turned out good, but I decided I could do better. So I redrew it, and I think it turned out really well. I really enjoyed drawing Janey.

Chapter 3 Quiz/Janey from Korea Drawing

I took my chapter three quiz for math tonight and got 100% on it. I got 77.3% on the Chapters one and two quiz, as I mentioned in a previous blog post. This one seemed to be easier and I took my time on the whole thing. I rushed a little at the beginning of the chapters one and two quiz.

I drew the portrait of Janey from Korea last night, but I wasn't really satisfied with it. Her face looked too long and the eyes looked too small, so I considered it a rough draft and started over tonight. I think I may just need to shade it now and hopefully I'll have it ready to post in a blog tomorrow. I think I mentioned it already but in case I didn't, Janey's blog is listed in my Blogs I Like section in the side menu at the right. You can also check out her You Tube channel, of which I'm a subscriber to, here.

Superman Airbrushed Logo

This is a picture I airbrushed. I reversed it and tinted it blue in photoshop so it makes it look like the Superman logo in space. I used a cutout of the Superman logo for the airbrushing.

I entered in a contest on Deviant art for the movie 9. I would've posted my entry on here but I wasn't sure if that would get me disqualified. But if you want to see it, go to the link in the side menu on my blog for my Deviant Art gallery and look for the deviation (artwork) titled "Computerbot".

I've got one last section of chapter three in math to do, a chapter three review, both tomorrow, and then I'll do the chapter three quiz Thursday. That will leave me with plenty of time to study my art books Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I may do one of those portraits I mentioned in the previous blog tomorrow.


Here's a cartoon of a chef I drew. I was looking through a cartoon book and saw a picture of a chef, and I thought I'd draw it in my style of cartoon drawing. Of course I think my cartoon style kind of varies. I've got another math quiz coming up this week. I guess chapter three is only five sections long. I start going over Chapter 3 tomorrow, the start of the school week. I'm planning on studying one of my drawing books. I don't have any classes other than math and english. The drawing book study is just to sharpen my skills. I'm going to work on Christopher Hart's Human Anatomy Made Amazingly easy and this week or the next I'll work on one of his other books, Drawing Animals Made Amazingly Easy. Sometimes this week I think I'd like to do drawings of a couple of fellow You Tubers, Lelia Broussard and Janey From Korea. I've been thinking about doing one of Lelia since maybe last week. And I just during this blog thought about doing …

I Passed My Math Quiz!

I passed my math quiz! I got 77.3%. It's not an A but it's almost a B. It's good. Now I can sleep in tomorrow. My class days are Monday through Saturday, but now all I have the rest of this week is researching for my research paper. I'll have plenty of time for drawing. I might sleep as late as I do on my off days. I've got my DVR on my digital cable set for Power Rangers RPM just in case. I've gotten back into Power Rangers lately. I watched Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers the Movie I think last month and I've gotten nostalgic for Power Rangers. I like Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers the Movie because it's not in the same continuity as the t.v. show. And there's no sequel so you have to use your imagination about what happens after the events in the first movie. I like to think nothing changes except maybe the powers and the zords. And the other versions of power rangers, Zeo, Turbo, etc. would be whole other teams all over earth or all over th…

Math Quiz Tomorrow (P.S.)

I've got three more assignments for math this week. I could do them each any time in the next two days but, I'm planning on doing them all tomorrow so I'll have Saturday free to just work on my research for my research paper and other stuff. My sister suggested I make a sign to put on my bedroom door when I get ready to take the quiz. I'll be glad to get it over with. I do my classes online and my math homework I've been able to keep trying to solve each problem until I get it right, but on this quiz there's a time limit. Ninety minutes, and I only get one chance to solve each problem. I feel confident about most of it. I think maybe the last section in chapter 2 is what I've had the most trouble with. Multiplying and dividing mixed numbers. I didn't get finished until some time past 9 pm. And I started at 11 am. Of course I'd worked on both section 2.7 and 2.8 today so that took me longer than it would've taken to do just one section. But I thi…

Eliza Dushku IV

Here's another one of my drawings of Eliza Dushku. I posted a color version of Eliza Dushku II awhile back. I don't know how many pictures I've drawn of Eliza Dushku. She's my favorite actress and one of my favorite subjects to draw. Season 2 of her show Dollhouse is coming September 25th.

Christa Barnell/Speed Drawing

I have a friend who's a fellow artist. I have a few actually, but one of them, her name is Christa Barnell, and she has a site here. I figured I'd tell you guys about her site so you can go check it out. She does great art.

I've noticed some artists on You Tube posting speed drawings. I'd like to do that myself before long. Right now my You Tube channel just has a Favorites section. Once I get a movie maker program and figure out how to edit videos I'll start posting speed drawings on there, maybe some slide shows, and a video version of what I do on here, posting drawings and talking about things relating to the drawing or otherwise. When that'll be, I don't know. I've subscribed to a couple artists' channels on You Tube, one of them, their channel is called Mikey's Tube. Here's one of his speed drawing videos.


When my sister came home from work today she gave me this paper of a drawing I did back in 2005. It was a HIPAA work sheet she'd had me draw so she could take it to work for the employees there. Employees would have to figure out how many HIPAA violations are being committed and what are they. I noticed things, not related to the HIPAA violations but related to my drawing skills at the time. My skills have improved since then. I can draw hands and women completely from my imagination better than that now. The hands on the characters in the last panel look kind of stubby for them. And I think the way I drew the woman could've been better, as well as the way I drew each character from the side. But over all it's not a bad drawing. It's pretty good.


I don't have a drawing to post for today but I do have some advice. Don't study for ten or eleven hours in a day. Definitely not without taking breaks. I'd been working on math all day today since 11 am. I went to do my home work, the part that I actually get graded on, and I kept having to redo some problems. You get more than so many, I don't know how many, chances to answer the problem right. My brain was turning to mush. So I quit for the night about 9 pm or a little after. I'm planning on doing three blog posts this week, at least. I'll probably do the third one tomorrow. And I'll see if I have a drawing to post then.

Soul Patch Guy

Here's a drawing of the guy in the music store in the Comcast commercials. I think the guy this drawing is of kind of looks like Joey Kramer of Aerosmith. I drew him from memory and it's a cartoony drawing as opposed to a photo realistic portrait of him. I've been pretty busy with college this week. I have math studying and reading several pages in two different books for english class. I'm getting ready to do a research paper. I'm planning on doing it on a topic relating to comicbooks. Maybe once I'm done with and after I turn it in, I'll see if I can post it on here. It'll have to be posted one page a day or week or something like that, since it's supposed to be four to six pages long. I've got less than eight weeks to finish the rough draft. So if I do post it on here, it'll be a ways off. I'll have to wait until after I get the final draft turned in. But I hope to make it an interesting paper. I don't recall doing a r…

The Terminator

This is a picture I did back around the time of the release of Terminator: Salvation in theaters. I checked the first two Terminator movies from the library and watched the first one. Never got around to watching the second one. I'd seen all three Terminator movies when they first came out on video and I saw Terminator: Salvation in the theater, but when I checked the first two out recently, somehow, after I took the first one back and kept the Terminator 2 longer, I ended up with the first movie in the box for the second one. I asked them if they had a second copy of The Terminator that I didn't know about because I could've sworn I put it in it's own box when I brought it back. But anyway, I drew this picture from the cover of the box for The Terminator. I think all of the Terminator movies have been great.


Here's a character I created that I named Sam. I just had an idea. I ought to creat a background for fictional characters that I make up and draw. I don't really have one for Sam. It would give me more to say about these characters in my blog. I finished my studying for math class tonight. The last section took most of the day. I was going to start it about noon but they have this weird new way of doing long division that must've come out after I graduated from high school. I've also been working on english, and now that I have math done for the week I've got more time to work on my english. I've got to read several pages in a book called America Now. And I've got to take notes. College is going good so far.

Simon Pegg

I've been keeping really busy with my first week of college. I've doodled a few things but I'm not sure yet if they're worth posting. For now here's a picture I drew of Simon Pegg awhile back. So far I'm just taking a math class and an english class. I haven't decided on a major yet. Eventually I'd like to go for a degree in art but right now I might just go for something computer or business related to help me get a job until I get into a career in art. This week I've got alot of studying to do for math and I've got eight weeks to finish a rough draft of a research paper for the english class. Hopefully I'll have a brand new artwork to post later this week.

Frank Quitely

This is a picture I drew of Frank Quitely, a comicbook artist whose pencil work includes New X-Men and Batman & Robin. I'm thinking I'd like to start blogging and posting drawings at least twice a week on here. I might have to work it around my school work since I'll be going to college starting monday.

Meeting Jesse James (UPDATE)

Jesse James is touring for his new line of clothing, Jesse James Industrial Workwear. I got to see him in person today. I had him sign mine and my dad's diecast West Coast Choppers bikes. I had my sister take a picture of me with Jesse, which you can see above, but before that, I gave him this drawing.

It was awesome to see Jesse James in person. I'd never seen a celebrity up close in person before. When you see a celebrity in person you realize there a regular person like you, except they're rich and famous. Jesse is know for being a tough guy, but he's also a really nice guy. I have a closer up picture of Jesse and me standing together framed and hanging on the wall in my room. Meeting him was a great experience and one I'll never forget. Jesse James rocks!

UPDATE: I forgot to mention, when I gave Jesse the drawing he asked if I wanted him to sign it. I told him it was for him to keep and he said "Cool. Thanks man!".

Shadow of the Bat

Here's another paper graffiti picture I drew recently. Dick Grayson is currently Batman in the comics and Bruce Wayne's son Damian is Robin. Tim Drake is searching the world as Red Robin to find Bruce Wayne, who is presumed dead but is actually alive and MIA. He was last seen by readers drawing on a cave wall. It's only a matter of time before Bruce comes back and becomes Batman again. I don't mind Dick Grayson as Batman but I prefer the original. I hope when Bruce comes back he wears the costume, or a copy of it, that Dick Grayson is wearing. I like the new look. Course if they decided to have Bruce return wearing an even newer costume, that would be interesting to see. Gary Oldman has recently said that the next Batman movie will come in a year or two. If so, that's cool. I'm a big fan of Batman. I have been since 1987 or 1989. Batman (1989) is my favorite movie ever. Batman rocks!

Green Lantern's Light

I did this picture last night which I call "Green Lantern's Light". I usually put the title of the artwork in the title of the blog post, as is the case with this one. I did this on heavy weight sketchbook paper with an ultra fine point green Sharpie and a fine point green Sharpie. I have a small Mead Acadamie sketchbook that I've been drawing in and it says the paper won't yellow. It's acid-free and lignin-free. I call this drawing a paper graffiti drawing. I guess I'd call my sketchback drawings that are drawn like this sketchback graffiti. Green Lantern: First Flight is coming to DVD July 28th. It looks cool.

Suit and Tie Guy

I drew this in my sketchbook a few nights ago. I drew it entirely with Sharpie markers. I've replaced my Flickr gallery with my Deviant Art gallery as my new gallery on here, off to the right. I still have the My Art album on my Flickr page but I'm not adding any more artworks on there. I'm just keeping it on there to see how many views my artworks that are on there get.

My Gallery

I'm now using my Deviant Art gallery as my featured gallery on here, off to the right. So when you click on the "MY GALLERY" picture off to the right it'll take you to my Deviant Art gallery instead of my Flickr gallery. So far I'm still keeping the "My Art" album on my Flickr account, but I intend on adding new drawings to my Deviant Art page instead of Flickr. I figure if I keep that album on there, that, along with my Deviant Art page and my blog here, will be three chances for my art to get exposure. So for now at least, I don't plan on deleting any of my art from Flickr. But since I have all of that art on my Deviant Art page as well and I'm not going to add any more to the Flickr art gallery, I don't need the Flickr art gallery on my blog here.

Geocities is Closing (UPDATED)

I just found out that Geocities is closing. So after October 26, 2009 you won't see my old art site, which is a Geocities site, in my links anymore. My geocities site is the one above my Deviant Art page in my links. I haven't updated it in a long time, especially since I got this blog on Blogger. So if you're interested, you've got until October 26 to check out my old art site, if you haven't already. After that, it'll be gone. But since this blog on Blogger is my new art site, you'll be able to continue to check out my art and updates on here and in my art gallery featured off to the right on my blog.

UPDATE: I gave my Deviant Art page it's own separate link off to the right under the links section. My old art site is still in the top spot of the links.

Padma Lakshmi/Lacey Chabert

Here are a couple drawings from 2007. The first is Padma Lakshmi, model and host of tv's Top Chef, with a plate of cherries. The second drawing is of Lacey Chabert of tv's Party of Five. I found these when I was looking for a certain drawing to submit to a magazine and I thought I'd post these.


Tomorrow, the Sci-Fi Channel will become Syfy. I don't mind the new name that much, but I think the logo could look cooler. Something more like this logo I made in photoshop.

Here are a couple I designed for myself. I thought about using one of them as my new logo, but although they look cool, I think I'm going to stick with my current logo.

Slimer the Ghost/Brain Power

Happy 4th of July! For the first time, I'm posting two drawings in one blog post. I did these two in my sketchbook last night. I don't know why Brain Power shows through Slimer the Ghost. I'm planning on digitally coloring Slimer the Ghost anyway, so you won't see it then. In the Marvel UK Ghostbusters comics, there was a story about Slimer when he was alive. He was originally King Remils, a greedy, obese monarch who died of heart failure. I don't have any story for Brain Power. It's just something I drew. It sort of resembles that big headed alien guy on Star Trek. The one that turned out to be a disguise for the alien played by Clint Howard in the episode of Star Trek titled The Corbomite Maneuver.

Olivia Munn

Here's a picture I drew of Olivia Munn, co-host of G4's Attack of the Show. She's got a site at She's also on Twitter. Her site is pretty cool. It's funny, sometimes serious, and informative. She talks about not only what's going on in her career, but also what's going on in the news. She's got a role in the upcoming comicbook movie sequel Iron Man 2.