Superman Logos

Usually, I put the titles of the artworks in the title for the blog post, but considering the titles for these are kind of long, I decided to just use the title "Superman Logos". The first one is titled "Supermen - The Blur Logo". That's the one above. I basically took a picture of the Superman logo and photoshopped it to look like the logo on the shirt part of Clark Kent's "The Blur" costume on Smallville. Someone asked if I could do a logo like that for the villain Zod, so I did it. There it is below.

It's titled "Superman - Smallville Zod logo". Like with The Blur logo I photoshopped a picture of the Zod logo to look like the logo on Clark Kent's shirt part of his costume does.


Anonymous said…
Put that in the diamond shape and then you got something cool.. What was the original symbol, Zod's original Symbol anyway?
Anonymous said…
Try fitting Zod's symbol in that diamond shape like the S....then you got something cool
Josh said…
That actually has been done, putting Zod's symbol in a diamond shape, although I haven't seen it done like one of these artworks of mine. I don't know of any Zod symbol other than this one. Most of what I know of Zod is from Superman II. I might try doing the Zod logo like the one here in this blog entry in a diamond shape, like you mentioned.
Anonymous said…
That is the Zod family crest that's the only way to do it to be honest.
Putting it in a diamond is just a bit wrong.
Superman's symbol is the symbol for the house of El it just happen to have a diamond in it that's all.

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