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Apple Line Art

I got a sketching gift set for Christmas last year. It contains the book titled Sketching Basics, by Alois Fabry. This drawing above is one I did for the first project in the book. The first project is line art. Line art is "without shading or tone." The way you draw the lines conveys things like dimension . One of the things Alois Fabry suggests drawing for the project is an apple. So, my sister bought me an apple from the store, and I drew it in the sketch pad that came in the sketching gift set (Fabry 18).

I like the idea of line art. It's simple in a way, and if you don't want to get into shading and all that, it's a good type of drawing to do. I think I'd like to try making the lines thinner in some areas. That might be better for giving it dimension than having the lines thick all the way around, like on the apple. I'm looking forward to doing more from the book. It looks like I may learn some new things with it.

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Slimer Eating

I thought I'd follow up the "Farting Alien" artwork, from the previous post, with Slimer of Ghostbusters burping while eating. Slimer is a big eater, and doesn't have very good table manners. I think the slime, dripping off of the bottom of Slimer, is a good effect. I think the only way the Ghostbusters movies could have been better is if there had been more Slimer in them. Slimer is a cool character.

Farting Alien

I drew this back in 2012. I thought it would be funny to draw an alien passing gas. I gave him teeth like Beetlejuice on the old cartoon show. Instead of hands,  he's got something sort of like tentacles.

Valentine's Day

I thought I'd re-blog a couple of love-themed artworks, and wish everyone a happy Valentine's Day. It's a great day to celebrate with the ones you love, whether it's a significant other, friends, or family. Happy Valentine's Day!

Christopher Hart's YouTube Channel

Christopher Hart has a YouTube channel where he posts how-to-draw videos. You can check it out here. There are some cool videos on there. Everybody have a great weekend!

Weird Face

Here's a Cartoon drawing I did recently. I just thought I'd draw a guy making a weird face. I tried to give him sort of a hairdo like David Tennant's on Doctor Who. I drew this in pencil on Pacon heavy-weight drawing pad paper. It's nine inches by 12 inches. I used a Sharpie pen and Sharpie fine-point permanent marker to ink it.

The Wolverine, Art Books, and Drawings

My dad and I watched The Wolverine Saturday night. It's a great movie! And it's one of those that has a post-credits scene, so if you watch it, you'll want to sit through the credits. I think Hugh Jackman as Wolverine is how I want to draw Wolverine when I draw him. I'm not sure which hair style I like the best. I think it makes sense that the claws come out from between the fingers.

I'm thinking about doing a blog post soon about one of the art books I like. I'm not sure which one it will be. It might be a full-fledged review. There are some great art books. I did some drawings tonight. I didn't get any drawing done over the weekend, but I started drawing tonight. I think the drawings turned out cool.