Here's an acrylic painting on canvas I did of my sister's peach faced love bird. The family pet, named Max. He's a goofy cool little bird. We got him, I think around 1996 or 1997 and he was pretty much a baby then. To Max, my sister is like his mother. He's learned some things. My sister let's him nibble on some candy sometimes and sip orange soda. They say you aren't supposed to do that but it hasn't hurt him any. It just makes him kind of hyper sometimes. Whenever my sister is sitting at her desk in her bed room and says "nonpareils", Max runs down to the desk and pecks on the surface, because that's where Mom pours out some of those little white things from the nonpareils. And then he runs over towards the other end of the other end of the desk because that's where my sister sets the orange soda. He's also learned to shake his head. Like if my sister says it's time for bed and time for him to go back into his cage he would shake his head. He has a habit of squeaking late at night and other times of the day lately because he's been picking at himself with his beak. He's a cool little bird though.


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