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The Drawing Board #17

The Drawing Board #17 is now up. In this issue, Jack welcomes the Christmas season.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Everybody have a happy and safe Thanksgiving! Chow down on some turkey, mashed potatoes, whatever you have for Thanksgiving dinner, and dessert. It's one of the best times of the year!

The Drawing Board #16

The Drawing Board, issue 16, is now up! In this issue, Jack gets excited about one of the best times of the year...Thanksgiving!

How Will Digital Effect Art?

Here's something I started pondering. How will digital effect art? Will there come a time when artists are doing all there art--except for such works as ceramics--on computers? Will we continue to use canvases, paper, etc., despite the growing popularity of digital? If you'd like, you can discuss this topic in the comments section below.

The Wolfman Short Story

I'm currently working on a short story based on the Lon Chaney, Jr. version of The Wolfman. I like the original and the remake (as pictured above), but I was really getting into the classic Universal monster movies last month, so I wanted to do a story based on the original Wolfman. I'm currently in the process of writing the second draft. I read in The Boy Who Loved Batman that one of Michael Uslan's teachers told him to write and rewrite, so that's what I'm doing. I'm trying to perfect the story before I post it. I plan on doing an illustration to accompany the short story. So, I'll have that story up on here sooner or later.

Jack Miller's deviantART Page

Jack Miller has a deviantART page. That's right, Jack Miller, of my comic strip series titled The Drawing Board. There are a few journal posts from him and all my Drawing Board artwork is in his favorites. He posts a journal entry every time there's a new issue of the comic strip. You can check out his deviantART page here.

The Drawing Board #15

The Drawing Board, issue number 15, is now up!

The Drawing Board - Back to Basics

I'm currently working on The Drawing Board, issue number 15. After this issue, the series will return to three panels. I'll be glad to go back to that format. Eight panels are cool, but right now three sounds like more fun to me. Besides, comic strips tend to be three or four panels long in newspapers. I might do four panels sometimes. I might also still do eight panels, once a month. I'm looking forward to going back to basics. See there, I fit the subtitle of the blog post into the body of it!