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Happy Thanksgiving 2013!

I thought I'd do a quick post of an old artwork, and wish everybody a happy Thanksgiving. Happy Thanksgiving!

Toony Ghost Rider

Here's a Ghost Rider artwork, cartoon style. I'm especially proud of how the flames turned out. I think I used a similar technique for the flames before, on an artwork I did titled "The Man with the Burning Brain."


I drew this in pencil and color pencil. I thought about drawing them separately. I thought about doing an artwork of the frowny face, and then a separate one of the smiley face. But I didn't want to wait to draw the smiley face. So, I drew both in one picture.

Freaking Out

I drew the face awhile back. I scanned it, digitally colored it, and photo shopped the background in, more recently. I think the background actually works out really well because it looks like clouds that swirl as the get closer in around his head. It helps with the mood I was trying to convey with this artwork. I think this artwork came together really well.