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The Wolfman

My dad and I saw The Wolfman at the theater last night. It was awesome! This is a more brutal wolfman than the one played by Lon Chaney Jr. in the classic. Rick Baker and the guys did an awesome job on special effects. The story is great. It's got some intriguing plot twists. Joe Johnston did a great job too. The cast was great. The whole thing was fantastic. I'm not sure if I can say much else without giving too much away. But seeing The Wolfman was an awesome experience!

Comic Strip Background

This is a comic strip I drew with the intention of possibly using it as the background for my art blog here. I like it, but for now, I'm thinking of sticking with my current design.

Metal Eye

Basically, I drew this because I figured a metal eye would be stronger than a normal one. As you may notice, there are screws holding the different pieces of the metal eye in place. This is one of my drawings in my new sketch book, and I skipped over blogging it, until now. I thought it would make a good drawing to accompany a subject I wanted to talk about, Robert B. Parker's novels. Parker was the author of novels about private investigators, or private eyes, as well as westerns and other stories. His best known works are the novels featuring a p.i. named Spenser. Parker passed away recently. It was sad because he was one of the most talented writers there has ever been, and he seemed like a really good guy. Before he passed away, he was making a deal for a remake of the Spenser: for Hire TV series from the '80s. I've recently been reading The Judas Goat, a Spenser novel, and I watched the TV movie on DVD tonight. I was thinking it would be great if Parker's novels w…

Hot Rod Enterprise

I think the new Enterprise, in the new Star Trek movie, is awesome! It has a hot rod spaceship look to it. That's why I did this cartoon drawing of it with the hot rod flames. Some of the pictures I've been drawing won't fit entirely in my scanner, like this one. but usually it just misses about half an inch or less or the edges, or something like that. Not enough to take away from the drawing very much. Sometimes, a picture I draw is so big, I just can't fit it in the scanner. I have to get a digital picture of it. In case you miss my sister's comment on my previous blog, Virgin Mobile users, you can look up "jmralls2001" in Studio V and you'll find wallpapers and screensavers I've made. I haven't made any ringtones or screensavers yet, but I will eventually.


My sister recently asked me to make a cellphone wallpaper with her name on it and submit it to I went into my paintshop programs and made the above picture. That's the original version at the size of 1024 x 768. I had to resize it to 300 x 300 to get the whole picture in the cellphone wallpaper. It will take maybe a day or two, something like that, for them to approve it, if they approve it. But, once it's on there, if you're a Virgin Mobile user and you want a cellphone wallpaper with the name "Brandy" on it, just look up that name, and look through the wallpapers for it. There will be more wallpapers, as well as screensavers, to come.