Math Quiz Tomorrow (P.S.)

I've got three more assignments for math this week. I could do them each any time in the next two days but, I'm planning on doing them all tomorrow so I'll have Saturday free to just work on my research for my research paper and other stuff. My sister suggested I make a sign to put on my bedroom door when I get ready to take the quiz. I'll be glad to get it over with. I do my classes online and my math homework I've been able to keep trying to solve each problem until I get it right, but on this quiz there's a time limit. Ninety minutes, and I only get one chance to solve each problem. I feel confident about most of it. I think maybe the last section in chapter 2 is what I've had the most trouble with. Multiplying and dividing mixed numbers. I didn't get finished until some time past 9 pm. And I started at 11 am. Of course I'd worked on both section 2.7 and 2.8 today so that took me longer than it would've taken to do just one section. But I think it took even longer because Multiplying and dividing mixed numbers is really complicated. Hopefully I'll get the chapter reviews for chapters one and two and the quiz done as quickly as possible tomorrow. And then I'll hardly have any work to do this weekend. I like to get all my work done before Saturday each week if possible, so I can have plenty of free time Saturday and Sunday. Of course my work on my research paper is eight or nine weeks long, counting weeks one and two and this week up to now. But right now all I'm doing is taking notes. There's an art show coming up soon. I'm looking forward to that. With all my school work I'll have to try to remember to get my artworks ready in my free time by September 25. I don't know for sure what I'm going to enter yet. I'm thinking maybe one or more of them will be artworks I've won for at the other art show I enter in. So, I'm keeping busy a lot.

P.S.: I just found out that the Deviant Art gallery module off to the right on my blog wasn't working so, at least until they get it working again, I decided to go back to my old way of linking to my art gallery. So if you look over to the right there and click on the picture that says "My Deviant Art Gallery", that will of course take you to my gallery. If that module from Blogger keeps glitching I'll stick with this link.


Keym said…
I can't believe that you are taking a math class online! I could never do that, in fact I have put off taking my math class until the last possible minute... which is next semester :0/ Good luck with your quiz and I think the sign is a good idea that way every one will stay outta your way.
I prayed for you taking your quiz so let me know how it turns out!

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