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This sketch is of Robert Urich as the private investigator named Spenser, from the '80s TV show Spenser: For Hire. It, as you might know, is based on the Spenser novels by Robert B. Parker. Robert B. Parker was in talks to do a Spenser: For Hire remake for TNT before his passing. Robert B. Parker will be remembered as one of the best authors in the history of literature. He is greatly missed.


Last month artist Boo Cook, who's in my links, hired me to do a portrait of his fiance Gemma for her birthday. Boo Cook is known for work on comics from Wolverine to Harry Kipling to Elephantmen. Besides his blog site, he's got a site at I'm very proud of this drawing, and I'm happy to say Boo and Gemma are really impressed with it.

Wonderland Wolfman

In 2006, I had a dream where all the characters in Alice in Wonderland were having a meeting in a forest, I think it was in front of a big tree. The characters were sitting on logs, and one was a Wolfman. Next to him was Leslie Nielsen. Suddenly the Wolfman started to swallow Leslie Nielsen whole, in a cartoony way. Like how the Wolf swallowed the grandmother in the Three Stupid Dogs parody of Little Red Riding Hood, on Cartoon Network. That's where the dream ended.

Yellow Venom Spider

I had a strange dream about this spider, which, as far as I know, doesn't exist in real life. It was literally about as big as a basketball. I saw it in my bedroom next to the entrance door. It disappeared, and I looked around, wondering where it was going to show up next. I think at one point, it went into the bathroom, and my sister went in and killed it. Afterward, she buried it under some fruit rinds. I don't know if it was venomous in my dream, but I though Yellow Venom Spider seemed like a cool name.