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Eliza Dushku Needs Your Help

Eliza Dushku's 31st birthday is over (it was December 30th), but her birthday wish is to raise $31,000 for THARCE-GULU, and she still needs help. She's got a goal going on Crowdrise, and she's currently at 88%. To check it out, go here. I would really like to see her reach her goal of $31,000. So, please donate, and help her get up to 100% of her goal.

The Drawing Board #20

It's the 20th issue of The Drawing Board! In this issue, Jack enjoys a Christmas present Jennifer got him.

The Drawing Board #19

In this, the 19th issue of The Drawing Board, Violet finally gets some panel time. I decided to go back to the original comic strip template.

A New Year, a New Banner

I just put up a new banner on my art blog. I've thought about doing multiple banners throughout the year, so this might not be up for all of that time. Although, if I do a banner that I especially like, I might make it the regular banner for the year. I do plan to have special ones for the holidays though, as I've done before. I hope everyone is having a great year so far. There's more year to come.

Like I Like My Coffee

I hope everyone is having a great New Year so far. I've been playing Batman: Arkham Asylum. One piece of advice I have is this, when you're done playing it for the time being and you have a PS3, push and hold the power button on the chrome part of the console until it turns red. Then, flip the switch. Don't flip the switch right away or your saved game may become corrupted and you'll lose it. Then, you'll have to start over. I did, but I didn't get very upset about it. I figured I could start over and be prepared right away for the room with the gargoyles and the office with a bunch of glass windows. That's the part that ends with you finding the first riddle from the Riddler. I'm new to playing the Arkham games. It's cool playing Batman: Arkham Asylum in 3D.

I was thinking about that saying women have, "I like my men like I like my and strong." I figured my coffee saying would be something like in this graphic I made. Ever…

The Drawing Board #18

It's a New Year's celebration in this issue of The Drawing Board, and Jack shows his New Year's spirit.