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This is a drawing from my Dark Knight Rises small sketchbook. I just felt like drawing a face, so I drew this one.


This character is inspired by one of Bruce Wayne's wealthy friends, or associates, on Batman: the Animated Series. He and his wife were the snooty, rich types. I drew this in my small Dark Knight Rises sketchbook.

Doctor Who Artwork Progress

I've done some more work on my Doctor Who artwork. I've now got all of the first seven Doctors on it. I added two more Saturday night. "The End of Time," an episode of Doctor Who, was on that night. It was the 10th Doctor's last episode. It was sad to see him go. At the same time however, it was cool to see the 11th Doctor's first appearance. The incarnation thing seems complicated. The 10th Doctor talked about how, when he regenerated, he'd become a whole other person in a way. But, at other  times, he recalls memories of other incarnations as though it was his who experienced them. I've got four incarnations left to draw on the artwork, then I'll draw the TARDIS. I plan to blog the artwork on here, once I'm finished.

The Art of Todd Nauck

I recommended a blog in my Links in one of blog posts awhile back. Here's another one: The Art of Todd Nauck. He's a great artist. He's done work on a comic based on the animated series, Teen Titans Go. He posts a lot of character art and things like that on his blog. I recommend checking out his blog.

The Drawing Board, Volume 2

I've got all but one or two strips written for The Drawing Board. I've been busy with other things, so I haven't worked on it for awhile. I'm thinking about whether or not to use those stories, or write new ones. I think Jim Davis once said that he writes what makes him laugh. He figures that if he finds it funny, someone else will. A lot of people must share his sense of humor, me included. Garfield is a hugely popular comic strip. I'm thinking about writing some strips that I don't just think might be funny, but make me laugh. So, I'm thinking of getting to work on writing some strips soon, and I might save the other strip scripts for later.

Studying Vincent Van Gogh

I watched Vincent: the Life and Death of Vincent Van Gogh last night. I may watch it again. It was really interesting. It's basically Vincent Van Gogh's letters to his brother, as read by John Hurt. I found out some really interesting things about his life, and his artistry. I very much recommend it.

Vincent Van Gogh

I recently watched an episode of Doctor Who (I'm a whovian) about Vincent Van Gogh. It was a touching episode, as the show tends to be. Watching it got me intrigued by Van Gogh. So, I've decided to do some research on him. I've got a book and a movie from the library, each about him. The book is titled Vincent Van Gogh: Portrait of an Artist. It's by Jan Greenberg and Sandra Jordan. The movie is Vincent: the Life and Death of Vincent Van Gogh. That film is from Paul Cox. I intend to learn a lot about Van Gogh, and see if I can take inspiration from him for my art. I think it's cool that I can say that Doctor Who got me interested in Vincent Van Gogh.

A Different kind of Hand Drawing

Last night, I decided to draw my hand. I wanted to do something more than just drawing it as is, so I drew a cyborg hand. This is what I came up with. I had ideas for certain parts of the hand. The circular thing in the middle of the palm would be red. It would fire a beam or a blast, something similar to Iron Man's repulsor rays. There are some panels on the hand that I could see opening up, and releasing some kind of gadget. Those panels include the ones on the palm, and the circular ones on the fingers. I drew wires in the middle of the palm. In the middle of the arm, toward the wrist, are cables. I thought the cyborg hand idea was a cool one, and I think it turned out pretty well.

It's a Strange One...

Here's a strange artwork I did last night. I made up this character as I went along. I've drawn some strange-looking creatures in the past, and this one is definitely no exception. There may be many more strange creatures to come in the future.

Second Doctor Sketch

I've been sick with a cold since last Wednesday night. I haven't felt much like blogging. However, I feel like I'm getting back in the mood for it. This picture above is a sketch I did last night of the second Doctor from Doctor Who. I drew it based on a classic picture of the Doctor playing his flute. I tried applying the tapered stroke from Darrel Tank's Five Pencil Method to the hair. You can check out the tapered stroke, and more, at The second Doctor is a cool character to draw.

Doctor Who and Titles

Last night, I inked what I've done so far on my Doctor Who drawing. I'll be working some more on that later. One of my artworks gave me a thought. I wonder what artists do if they want to use a title they've already used for a previous artwork. Do they use that same title for multiple artworks? I might do that, if I really want to reuse the title. There might be another way to identify the artworks anyway. They're surely not going to look identical. I haven't got a definite, final title for the Doctor Who artwork yet. That will come later.


I imagine this character to be into art. He may be an art critic, or art judge, or something like that. The nose isn't implying anything. I just wanted to draw an unusual-looking character. Originally, I was going to draw him older, but I ended up drawing him younger. I'm starting to think that maybe, when I create original characters in artworks, I should give them stories. On the other hand, I could leave the character's biography to the viewer's imagination. It's something to thing about. "Arthur" is my latest artwork.


This is Jaws, played by Richard Kiel in the James Bond films. I drew this last night. I'd watched Moonraker the night before. He's an interesting character. This is one of many drawings I've done related to the Bond films. However, this is my first drawing of Jaws.

Chris Hart Books

Previously, I highlighted a blog in my Links section, that of Bryan Lee O'Malley. I've decided to blog about another blog in my links. This time, it's "Chris Hart Books," which you can check out here. Chris Hart is a very talented, professional artist who authors how-to drawing books. I've got a couple of them. I have Human Anatomy Made Amazingly Easy, and Drawing Animals Made Amazingly Easy. I've also checked out Cartooning for the Beginner at the library. That last book was very helpful for when I decided to do a comic strip, which ended up being The Drawing Board. I've currently got him on my deviantWATCH on deviantART. You can find his page on there here. Chris Hart is a great artist, and a great teacher. That's why his blog, "Chris Hart Books," is my blog highlight for this blog post.

Green Blog Design

I've changed my blog design again. I wanted to use a more different template than the previous one. I used my "Green" artwork for the background. It goes well with the color scheme of my logo. I used my "Blue" artwork for my Twitter page background. I'll see how long I stick with this new blog design.

A Ninth Doctor Drawing

Here's a picture I drew last night of The Ninth Doctor, from Doctor Who. Christopher Eccleston played him. I drew this in my small Dark Knight Rises sketchbook. I decided to try to give it sort of realistic coloring. I may want to try more cartoony coloring later, in an alternate version. I was thinking of drawing the other doctors in my small sketchbook as well. For now, this is the one Doctor drawing I've done in it.

Links and Bryan Lee O'Malley

I recommend checking out the sites in my links, if you haven't yet. There are some great artists there. One of them is Bryan Lee O'Malley. He's got a Tumblr blog, here. He hasn't posted lately, but there's some interesting stuff on there. Some of my favorite comics are the Scott Pilgrim graphic novels, which he created. He's currently working on a new book titled Seconds. There are many other interesting sites in the links, so, check them out if you'd like.