I Passed My Math Quiz!

I passed my math quiz! I got 77.3%. It's not an A but it's almost a B. It's good. Now I can sleep in tomorrow. My class days are Monday through Saturday, but now all I have the rest of this week is researching for my research paper. I'll have plenty of time for drawing. I might sleep as late as I do on my off days. I've got my DVR on my digital cable set for Power Rangers RPM just in case. I've gotten back into Power Rangers lately. I watched Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers the Movie I think last month and I've gotten nostalgic for Power Rangers. I like Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers the Movie because it's not in the same continuity as the t.v. show. And there's no sequel so you have to use your imagination about what happens after the events in the first movie. I like to think nothing changes except maybe the powers and the zords. And the other versions of power rangers, Zeo, Turbo, etc. would be whole other teams all over earth or all over the galaxy, maybe even universe. I'd like to think Kimberly would still be a power ranger. I was bummed when Amy Jo Johnson left the show. It'll be good to relax and not have much work to do all weekend.


Keym said…
Congrats on the math test!

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