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The Drawing Board 7

The seventh issue of The Drawing Board is up now. In it, I wish everyone "a great, and safe, Memorial Day weekend."

The Drawing Board 6

The newest installment of my comic strip titled The Drawing Board is up on here and my deviantART page.

The Thor Movie

My dad and I saw Thor at the theater. It's a great movie. Thor is awesome beyond words! I figured Thor would be especially great with Kenneth Branagh directing, and it is. I won't give anything away in case you haven't seen it yet, but I think it's one of the best Marvel Comics movies, and comic book movies in general, ever. I think I might do a Thor drawing soon.

Cartoon Self Portrait

Here's a cartoon self portrait I drew recently. I previously drew myself in cartoon form in a few artworks. I've been drawing myself with my eyes showing through the lenses of my glasses. With this one I decided to simplify the glasses and just draw pupils on the lenses. I really like the way I'd drawn that part of my cartoon self previously, but this is simpler and more cartoony. It's something for me to think about.

Cosplayers Aiding Japan

Adam Hughes has posted a journal entry on his deviantART page about cosplayers doing a calendar for 2012 with proceeds going to Japan Disaster Relief. To find out more, go to his journal entry, "Cosplayers 4 A Cause" (sic), here.

The Drawing Board Poster

Here's a poster design for The Drawing Board, my comic strip. If you've seen the character designs, then you know who's who. If not, here's who's who. The left side from top to bottom is Jack Miller, Avery Ellis and Matt Kirby. The one in the middle is me. The right side from top to bottom is Jennifer Kyle, Karen Gordon and Violet.

Help for Colorist Moose Baumann

I thought I'd pass this on from David Williams, a.k.a BroHawk on deviantART. Comic book colorist Moose Bauman needs help. Find out more here.

The Drawing Board 5

The fifth installment of The Drawing Board is now up on here and on my deviantART page.

Frontierville Horse

This is my entry for Frontierville's "Design a Horse Contest." As you may know, Frontierville is a game on Facebook. My sister brought this contest to my attention, and I did the design for it that you see above. I thought about making the horse green with the peace sign, but I thought that would be too wild for Frontierville. Farmville has had pink cows and green cows, but Frontierville's animals haven't had those kinds of color schemes for their animals. I thought the peace sign would be an interesting touch. If you're interested in entering the contest, it's on the Frontierville forum.

The Drawing Board 4

The fourth installment of my comic strip series titled The Drawing Board is now up on here and on my deviantART page.

The Drawing Board 3

The third installment of my comic strip series titled The Drawing Board is now up on here and on my deviantART page.