I figured I'd do a blog post about different mediums I've done art for. My main medium is pencil drawings. I draw portraits, cars, comic book stuff, etc. Other mediums I've worked in are oil pastels, oil paint, watercolor paint, acrylic paint, chalk pastels, color pencils which I guess fall into the pencil drawings category, ink. I do drawings on computer. Sometimes I scan drawings and digitally color them, other times I do drawings entirely on computer. I've also done ceramics in one of my art classes in high school. That's also where I did the oil and watercolor paintings. I haven't done any watercolor or oil paintings since then but I wouldn't mind if I did get back into that. Back to ceramics, I made pots and I made a bat (as in the animal, not baseball) and Elvis the alligator from Miami Vice. It has the chain with the neck thing and the Miami Vice logo on the lid. It's sort of a container. So I can put something in it and put the lid on. I also made a sculpture of Agent K from Men in Black.


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