Chapter 3 Quiz/Janey from Korea Drawing

I took my chapter three quiz for math tonight and got 100% on it. I got 77.3% on the Chapters one and two quiz, as I mentioned in a previous blog post. This one seemed to be easier and I took my time on the whole thing. I rushed a little at the beginning of the chapters one and two quiz.

I drew the portrait of Janey from Korea last night, but I wasn't really satisfied with it. Her face looked too long and the eyes looked too small, so I considered it a rough draft and started over tonight. I think I may just need to shade it now and hopefully I'll have it ready to post in a blog tomorrow. I think I mentioned it already but in case I didn't, Janey's blog is listed in my Blogs I Like section in the side menu at the right. You can also check out her You Tube channel, of which I'm a subscriber to, here.


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