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Vanessa Minnillo And Lowrider Arte Magazine

This is the drawing I did that got published in Lowrider Arte magazine. I never got the original drawing back but I'm proud to have gotten it published in a national publication, especially one like Lowrider Arte. The drawing is of Vanessa Minnillo. If you have the February/March 2005 issue of Lowrider Arte magazine, look on page 18. The drawing is on that page. Some pages have multiple artworks on them. I got a whole page to myself with my Vanessa Minnillo drawing. Course most pages are one artwork per page. But it was cool to see. My mom and sister brought it home one day and I was surprised to find my drawing in it. I got an article on the front page of the local newspaper about it.

Eliza Dushku II

Here's one of the drawings in my header on my blog. To give you a closer look at it. This is the one Eliza Dushku saw. It's the second one I've ever drawn of her, hence the blog entry title of "Eliza Dushku II". Kari, who used to be, I think, a moderator on, which is now defunct, presented a fanbook to Eliza at the London Expo one year. The fanbook had letters and art from fans. There weren't but a few artworks from what I can remember. Mine was one of them. Kari said that Eliza and her brother Nate saw my drawing and they were very impressed with it. Eliza is my favorite actress of all time. I've been a fan of hers since 2003. She's had alot of projects going on in the past year. She's done several movies and she's got a tv series coming to Fox in January titled Dollhouse. I'm looking forward to seeing that and her newest movies.

The Beginning

I figured I'd start off my blog with my latest two drawings of a couple friends of mine, Tim and Tabitha. I met them at work. I've worked with Tim since 2005. I'm an artist and I'm making this blog a blog for my artwork. I'll hopefully have more new drawings to post soon and I may post some old ones as well.