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BBC Symphony, Chorus & Singers - Auld Lang Syne

Today is New Year's Eve! Here's hoping for a very happy new year!

Spirograph Outtake, And Happy New Year!

Here's an outtake from my Spirograph drawings. It's not perfect, but I think it looks pretty good. Actress Eliza Dushku's birthday is today. Happy birthday, Eliza! It's also New Year's Eve eve. 2016 has been a rough year, and I'm sure everyone wants a happy 2017. Here's hoping it will be a good one.


Here's a drawing from some years ago. I didn't necessarily intend for it to be of Alfred from Batman, but he kind of looks like him. Happy new year!


This is a picture I drew for a friend. It's a drawing of a dog they used to have. I was bummed about Christmas being over, and I thought doing a blog post, like I do on Mondays, might make me feel better. I had a great Christmas, and I hope everyone else who celebrates it had a great one too. I got some art supplies for Christmas. One of the things I got was a big Strathmore drawing pad, which I'm already thinking about what I might draw in it. The holidays aren't completely over yet. There's still New Year's. So, happy holidays!

Paul McCartney - Wonderful Christmas Time

I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas time. Merry Christmas, and happy holidays!


This is a commission I did for a friend some time ago. I drew it on black paper and colored it with colored pencils. Dogs are awesome animals. I hadn't done a colored pencil drawing on black paper in a long time, I think. I think I've improved with them over the years. I think black paper and colored pencil works better for some art than others. Merry Christmas and happy holidays!


This was inspired by the scene in Home Alone 2: Lost in New York, where Kevin McCallister visits Duncan's Toy Chest, a toy store in New York. It's the scene where Mr. Duncan lets Kevin have two turtle doves as a token of the store's appreciation for his donation to the children's hospital. Turtle doves are a symbol of friendship. My family and I watch that movie every year at Christmas time. It's one of the best Christmas movies ever!

My Other Art Blog

I started a blog on Tumblr that's art related. I'm still blogging on this one. On the other one I blog my art as well as art-related things that inspire me, or that I just think is interesting. I'm going to see how long I keep it going. The blog is at this link.

Smiley Face Flower

This is something I saw in a dream I had, so I decided to draw it. I think I've seen a smiley face flower in real life, although it didn't look like this. I drew this on paper, then scanned it and digitally colored it. Merry Christmas and happy holidays!

Martha Jones

Here's one of my Doctor Who drawings. This one is of Martha Jones, one of the Tenth Doctor's companions. She's from the post-revival era of Doctor Who. She was a cool companion. This is one of those drawings on a page of doodles I'd done. I used a paint shop program to give it a better effect. Happy holidays!