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This drawing is sort of based on Sam Waterston of Law & Order. Sam Waterston actually had more gray hair on top than he did on his temples. This is one of the drawings I did in my little The Dark Knight Rises sketchbook.


I drew this earlier. It's sort of based on the main character of the movie Nosferatu. I had the idea of doing a character with a bald head and pointy ears, and I went from there. I thought about drawing an alien, but I ended up drawing a Nosferatu-style vampire. The Vampire in Nosferatu has his fangs on his upper jaw, but I decided to draw this vampire's fangs on his lower jaw. At least they're the fangs you can see.

Casey Abrams Vs. Ice Cream Cone in Basketball

I haven't posted in awhile, and I thought this would be a good opportunity for a blog post. My sister made me aware of a contest from musician and former American Idol contestant, Casey Abrams, on Facebook. The contest is to draw an ice cream cone beating Casey in a sport of your choice, and you have three hours to complete it. I'm not sure if he means three hours from the time he posted the post, or if you have three hours once you start. I'd thought about doing a drawing of them playing chess, but I don't know much about chess. I ended up going for basketball. I was going to do a farther away shot from the side, but I decided to give it a better view, and this is what I came up with. I think it looks pretty cool. My sister said that Casey does contests like this often, and that he posts the drawings to his Facebook page. I don't know how long the contest is open, but the post for it is on Casey Abrams' Facebook page, here. So, if you're interested, feel …

Christopher Hart has a New Drawing Contest!

Christopher Hart has a new drawing contest, and their are 10 prizes to win! You can check out his blog post about it for details, here. There will be five winner each will win two prizes! It looks like an awesome contest.

The Seventh Doctor

I thought it would be cool to do a cartoon-style drawing of The Seventh Doctor. I watched The Doctors Revisited - Seventh Doctor on BBC America at the end of last month, July 27. They showed "Remembrance of the Daleks" in that special. I loved it. Sylvester McCoy was a great Doctor. Also, Dorothy Gale McShane's Ace was a really cool companion for him. It was great to see them battling the Daleks. The Daleks are like The Joker to The Doctor's Batman, except there are more of them than there are of The Joker. The Doctors Revisited - Seventh Doctor made for a great Saturday night. The Seventh Doctor is awesome!