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This picture, which I drew in 2005, is of a Jeep my parents had in the early '80s. It had an orange color scheme. My parents have had some cool cars. An El Camino, a Malibu, a Mustang, Jeeps, and more. My sister has too. My sister's got a VW Bug. It's a classy car. At the time my parents had the Jeep, they also had a '73 Monte Carlo. That was a cool car too. My parents have had a few Jeeps over the years. Jeeps are great vehicles.

Super Freddy and Max, the Bird Wonder

Recently, I imagined what it would be like if Freddy, my teddy bear from my child hood, and Max, the family pet, were a superhero duo flying through the sky. I thought it would be a cool concept for a drawing. It looks like something that might come from a child's imagination, and I think that gives the drawing a cool effect.

Wacky Blue Face

Here is my entry for the "Toshiba: Cool for School Laptop Skin Design Contest" on deviantART. I just found out earlier I didn't make it as one of the 25 finalists. This the second one where I didn't even make it as one of the finalists, but I figure if I keep trying I'll eventually get somewhere in one of those contests. I thought of a few different ideas for my submission, including some kind of abstract picture and a food design with a pattern consisting hot dogs, hamburgers, pizza, things like that. I finally decided this "Wacky Blue Face" would make an interesting laptop skin.

Sword of Omens

I was watching Thundercats last night and it occurred to me, there hasn't been a show like it since, or at least not many. For one thing, the animation is very realistic and detailed. Most animated action shows nowadays have a style similar to that of Batman: the Animated Series, or anime. Those types of animation are great, but there's been nothing that looks like Thundercats since the '80s or early '90s. Another thing is, as far as I remember, there also hasn't been many animated shows like it in the fantasy genre since. I think you could probably describe it as being somewhere between Lord of the Rings and Star Wars. I know there aren't talking cat people, living in a lair shaped like a giant cat, in either of those, but it sort of has the feel of those. Third Earth sort of resembles a world like the one in Lord of the Rings, with all kinds characters, but there is also technology like in Star Wars. Star Wars also has some worlds that don't look as techn…

Max Davinci, 8th Evil Ex

I saw the 25 semi-finalists for the "Scott Pilgrim: Create the 8th Evil Ex" contest on deviantART, and unfortunately, I'm not one of the finalists. With that, I figure I can show it here on my blog now, in case you haven't seen it yet. The type of sword is actually a katana. The metal pencil darts are entirely metal, but the tips are left bare while the rest of each dart is painted. As you can see, he carries the pencil darts in the strap attached to the sheath, or holster, for his katana. The pallet blade is also bare except for the paint blobs on it. It has an edge most of the way around that is like a saw blade. It can be swung while held in the hand or thrown like frisbee. As it says, Max Davinci likes ninja movies. In fact, you might say he watches them too often. Ramona and Max had a mutual break up, but Max regrets the decision, and he gets jealous when he finds out that Scott wants to date her, so he is more than happy with the League of Evil Exes' decisi…

Super Max

My sister's peach faced lovebird, Max, thinks he's tough (smiling). I thought of him with that logo on his little chest and a cape, and I decided to draw it. He's already got wings, and doesn't really need a cape, but I figured he should have something besides just the logo.