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Ginger - Progress

I think my oil pastel artwork of Ginger is looking great. I've got a large portion of the artwork done, that is unless I find more I need to do with those areas. I've thought about posting progress pictures for it on here, but I wasn't sure about it. I did take one progress picture so far. Terry Dodson shows progress pictures on his blog. He shows all of them and the final product in one post. I might do that. But, in any case, I like how my Ginger artwork is looking.

Five Years on deviantART

This is my fifth year on deviantART. I've upload lots and lots of artworks on there. deviantART is like Facebook in someways. You can connect to other artists on there. I've got a bunch of artists on my deviantWATCH, which is like a friend list. I've got various artists on there, some like J. Scott Campbell for example. deviantART is a great place to show your artwork, and see artwork from other artists. deviantART has been up for quite awhile. I first joined in 2008, and my first "deviation," which is a name for artworks submitted on there, was "Tru Faith." You can see that artwork below.

You can use folders on there to put your deviations in. It's great if you want to highlight certain drawings or put your artworks into categories. I have several folders in my gallery. I also have what's called a "scrapbook." Your scrapbook features artwork that doesn't show up in the "Newest deviations" widget on your main page. There…


This is based on Trevor Horn of the Buggles. The Buggles had the first music video to ever air on MTV. The video was for the song titled "Video Killed the Radio Star." I decided to draw it as a cartoon drawing. I think Trevor Horn's look back then works well in a cartoon style, and I mean that in a good way. He had a very memorable style that really stood out.

Wednesday Workings

It seems like I just blogged a post yesterday, and here I am doing another one. I'm not complaining though. I've got some artworks I'm working on, mainly my Ginger artwork.

I've worked some more on the Ginger artwork. It looks like it's coming along pretty well. I hope to make it a great representation of our cute little Yorkie puppy. The photo it's based on is an early one of Ginger. She looks very different now from how she did then. Part of why I chose the particular picture was that it has bright colors in it. I seem to remember reading about how Vincent Van Gogh liked to work with bright colors. I also thought it was a cute, peaceful picture of Ginger. She looks like she's sleeping in it.

deviantART has updated the journal feature on their site. The journal feature has new features that it didn't have before. You can use bold, italic, etc. It seems like it's closer to how blogs work on Blogger. I'm looking forward to future use of the tool…

Ginger - Oil Pastels

I worked on the oil pastel stage of the "Ginger" artwork this past weekend. I may want to go back and make the parts I did more solid. This is what I consider a major project that I'm going to take quite a bit of time on. I'd like to do some smaller works on the side while I'm at it. I haven't got anything in mind at the moment, but I think it would be cool to have some drawings to post this week. I think I most commonly do smaller works that I can blog on here. I do want to do more major projects to though. As for the "Ginger" artwork, I think it's going very well.


I don't have any artwork that I'm sure I want to post this evening. But, I do have a progress report on my Ginger artwork. As I blogged previously, I finally started it last Saturday. I think I've got the drawing part done, more or less. I may start on the oil pastels soon. Everybody have a happy Father's Day!

And Now for Something Completely Different


I've been getting into Monty Python quite a bit lately. I read The First 20 Years of Monty Python. I watched Monty Python's the Meaning of Life. I've been looking up trailers for the movies and things like that. I drew this, this week. I was going to call it "Monty Python Sketch Dump," but I didn't like the sound of it. I particularly didn't like the word "dump." It makes it sound like the drawing isn't good for anything but trash. A sketch dump is like various drawings on one page that you'll never use for anything. I felt like drawing Monty Python, so I started by drawing John Cleese doing the silly walk. Then I think it was "IT'S" that I drew next, then the caption saying "AND NOW FOR SOMETHING COMPLETELY DIFFERENT." Then I drew the hand, and lastly the clouds. I basically did various Monty Python doodles on one sheet of paper. This was my last blank sheet of paper from my large The Dark Knight Rises drawing…

Ginger - The Beginning

I finally got started on my Ginger artwork last night. I delayed it for awhile because 1) I wanted to make sure I was in the mode to do it and, 2) I was trying to decide on whether to use the grid method, and how to do it. I ended up passing on the grid method because it looked like it would be a complicated process for the size of the photo and the drawing. I think I'm very good at drawing completely freehand though, so I figured I could probably manage without the grid. I was concerned about how much the artwork should look like the photo, down to the smallest detail. I decided it doesn't necessarily have to look identical. Not drawing it identical to the photo in fact makes it more my drawing. Artists can try to make their artworks identical to the subject if they want, but I think doing it a little different has its benefits. If you take some liberties with it, it has a style that's yours. You can draw the hairs in more or less different positions, or wha…

Jessica Alba's Smile

This is a picture of Jessica Alba that I drew in my sketchbook earlier. She's got a nice smile. Everybody have a great weekend!

The Drawing Board Redesigns

I drew these drawings back when I was redesigning the characters for my comic strip titled The Drawing Board. The characters on there are Avery Ellis (with the goatee), Violet, and myself. Then there are, of course, the titles. I always put the title at the top of each comic strip previously. I used Impact font. For the post-redesign strips, I'm thinking of using something like Comic Sans.

Coming up with story ideas for the series, post-redesign, is challenging. I'm trying to come up with some really funny stuff. Yesterday, I started reading The First 20 Years of Monty Python, by Kim "Howard" Johnson. I'm hoping that book gives me some inspiration for my comic strip. I'll see how that goes.

All in all, I hope to outdo myself with the series, post-redesign.

Neal Adams' Blog

One of the blogs in my links is for the legendary comic book artist, Neal Adams. One of the first artworks, maybe the first, of his that I remember is a version of the above artwork. I don't know if it was actually drawn  by him, but it was based on said image above. In 1989, Tim Burton's first Batman movie was in theaters. My family and I went to Taco Bell, or Del Taco, one day. One of us got a cup with our meal that was illustrated to promote the movie. It has the Batmobile and its specs on it. It also had an image that basically looked like the one above, but with the suit that Michael Keaton wore in the movie. Over the years, I saw more of Neal Adams' art and discovered who he was. Now, as with undoubtedly a lot of other people, to me Neal Adams is synonymous with Batman. He has become one of my favorite artists. You can check out his blog, The Neal Adams Blog, at (Adams).

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The 11th Doctor's Goodbye

It was announced today, by BBC, that Matt Smith will be leaving Doctor Who after the 2013 Christmas special. This is sad news to me and all the 11th Doctor fans, and possibly even fans of The Doctor in general. Minutes ago, I posted a journal entry about it on my deviantART page. You can check out that journal entry here.