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Here's a character I created that I named Sam. I just had an idea. I ought to creat a background for fictional characters that I make up and draw. I don't really have one for Sam. It would give me more to say about these characters in my blog. I finished my studying for math class tonight. The last section took most of the day. I was going to start it about noon but they have this weird new way of doing long division that must've come out after I graduated from high school. I've also been working on english, and now that I have math done for the week I've got more time to work on my english. I've got to read several pages in a book called America Now. And I've got to take notes. College is going good so far.

Simon Pegg

I've been keeping really busy with my first week of college. I've doodled a few things but I'm not sure yet if they're worth posting. For now here's a picture I drew of Simon Pegg awhile back. So far I'm just taking a math class and an english class. I haven't decided on a major yet. Eventually I'd like to go for a degree in art but right now I might just go for something computer or business related to help me get a job until I get into a career in art. This week I've got alot of studying to do for math and I've got eight weeks to finish a rough draft of a research paper for the english class. Hopefully I'll have a brand new artwork to post later this week.

Frank Quitely

This is a picture I drew of Frank Quitely, a comicbook artist whose pencil work includes New X-Men and Batman & Robin. I'm thinking I'd like to start blogging and posting drawings at least twice a week on here. I might have to work it around my school work since I'll be going to college starting monday.

Meeting Jesse James (UPDATE)

Jesse James is touring for his new line of clothing, Jesse James Industrial Workwear. I got to see him in person today. I had him sign mine and my dad's diecast West Coast Choppers bikes. I had my sister take a picture of me with Jesse, which you can see above, but before that, I gave him this drawing.

It was awesome to see Jesse James in person. I'd never seen a celebrity up close in person before. When you see a celebrity in person you realize there a regular person like you, except they're rich and famous. Jesse is know for being a tough guy, but he's also a really nice guy. I have a closer up picture of Jesse and me standing together framed and hanging on the wall in my room. Meeting him was a great experience and one I'll never forget. Jesse James rocks!

UPDATE: I forgot to mention, when I gave Jesse the drawing he asked if I wanted him to sign it. I told him it was for him to keep and he said "Cool. Thanks man!".