Christian Bale as Batman

I got one of those little figurines of Batman from The Dark Knight out of the machine at K Mart today so I decided to blog about this Batman drawing I did. I've got another work to talk about to but first I'll talk about this one. I drew this on paper and scanned it. I digitally colored it. I used a textured brush in photoshop in different colors to put a texture over the brown background. I put a little bit of a lighter shade of brown over the regular brown. I colored Batman in sort of a painted style. This is Christian Bale as he appeared as Batman in the first movie, Batman Begins.

As a bonus, here's a picture I colored for a DeviantArt Coloring Bonanza. It's an abstract image. The bird on there is supposed to represent my sister's peach faced Lovebird, the family pet, named Max. The gray character with the dark gray eyebrows is DeviantArt's mascot. I think you can make out some of the other stuff in there. The rest is nothing in particular.


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