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Powers (In Color)

Here's the color version of that drawing in the previous blog post. I just digitally colored it today.


Here's a picture I drew recently. I just started drawing my hand and then to give it something extra I drew an energy effect around the hand. It didn't scan very well, but I'm thinking of digitally coloring it anyway, so it'd look better then. I've been working on a comicbook idea on and off over the past, maybe two years I think. I've been trying to get something going to submit to a publisher at some point. I've been working on one superhero story and thinking about doing something with a superhero I created in fourth or fifth grade. I think that superhero and the new one would work in a comicbook. I'll be getting that other award winning artwork back from the art show on April 8th or 9th so I'll be posting it next month. And I think I'll also put it in my Flickr art gallery, which there's a link to off to the right on my blog site here.

The Third Art Show Entry

The third artwork I entered in the art show I mentioned in the previous blog entry is one I posted in the January 17, 2009 blog entry on here, titled "The Man With The Burning Brain". It's not one of the winners but it got displayed in a really good spot with the ones of mine that did win. The winners are hanging to the left and right across from that one.

Josh Speaks

I won my fourth and fifth awards at a local annual art show awards ceremony tonight. This drawing, which I drew on paper, scanned and digitally colored, is one of the award winners. It's titled "Josh Speaks". I'll post the other one when I get it back after the art show is over. The other one is a pencil drawing of Kari Byron from Mythbusters titled "Kari II", because it's the second big picture I've drawn of Kari. I'm proud to say I'm now a five time award winning artist.


I've been doing what I refer to as sketchback drawings, drawings done on the back covers of sketchbooks. I drew this one (above) last night. Sometimes part of the drawing will be something I thought up before starting it and the rest I'll just draw as it comes to me. Other times I'll draw the whole thing as it comes to me. I never know entirely what I'm going to come up with. I prefer to usually use Sharpies. Also I use some templates, which is how I did the circles in this drawing. I sold one of my sketchback drawings, Tru Faith, at an art show. I think it was last year. You can see it and the one I call Peace in my Flickr art gallery by clicking on my logo under "My Flickr Art Gallery" to the right of my blog.

Deviant Art

I've got a Deviant Art page. I've had it for awhile now. I just added a few more artworks and I posted a journal entry. You can check it out here.


Here's a picture I drew of Slimer in 2007. I drew it in pencil and ink and colored it with color pencils. There is reportedly going to be a third Ghostbusters movie. Dan Aykroyd had been asked about but didn't say anything but basically that it'll be written and go into production before long. I'm looking forward to it. A few really cool movies are coming between now and June. This week is Watchmen, based on the graphic novel from Alan Moore. Then on May 1st it's X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Then on May 8th it's the new Star Trek movie. I never lost interest in Star Trek but I hadn't followed it much for awhile. Then they started reporting on the new movie and my mom and dad bought me a boxed set of Star Trek Pez dispensers. It has Uhura, Chekov, McCoy, Kirk, the Enterprise, Spock, Scotty and Sulu. I've liked Star Trek since at least about the late 80s or 1991. My favorite incarnations of Star Trek are the ones with an Enterprise. And the sho…