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Sister Of Plenitude

This is a member of the Sisters of Plenitude. They appeared in some episodes of Doctor Who. One in particular called on the Tenth Doctor when the Face of Boe was dying. The Face of Boe had a secret to tell the Doctor before he passed away. I believe the first episode they appeared in was the Tenth Doctor episode with the then body-swapping Cassandra. The sisters are cat-like humanoids. This is one of my latest Doctor Who sketches.


This is a Gelth, a character from the first series of Doctor Who, post revival. There is an episode where the ninth incarnation of the Doctor, and Rose, travel back in time to Cardiff and meet Charles Dickens. They end up encountering these creatures of fire, the Gelth. It's a cool episode. I like drawing these Doctor Who characters.

The Face Of Boe

This is another Doctor Who character I sketched. It's been said that Captain Jack Harness may at some point become the Face of Boe. I thought this was a good exercise in texture. The Face of Boe has a very textured face. I'm not sure if you'd call it scaly or rocky looking, or what. I used cross hatching for some of the less darker areas on his face. I decided with these sketches that I want to do cross hatching for some more or less dark areas. I want to leave other dark areas for possible digital coloring. I might decide to do that at some point with these Doctor Who sketches.

Adipose, Take 2

I decided to redo that adipose drawing I did awhile back. Over the weekend, I thought about doing sketches of all the Doctor Who characters in my Doctor Who Character Encyclopedia. I might do that. I'll keep drawing the characters and see how far I go with that. I thought I'd start with the redrawing of the adipose. I don't yet know what Doctor Who character I'll draw next. I'm thinking of doing hatching and crosshatching for the shadowy areas from now on. I might do these sketches like comic book drawings. Doing daily Doctor Who sketches might be fun, so, like I said, I'll see how far I go with it.


Happy Yom Kippur! I'm thinking of doing daily sketches or something like that. If I can figure out what to draw, I might do daily sketches and blog, and journal on deviantART, ones for some days of the week. I would like to do some kind of drawings to blog and maybe upload to my deviantART gallery. I'll see what happens.

Happy Pizza Month!

It's October now. Apparently, not only is Oktoberfest and Halloween this month, but also it's Pizza Month! And apparently pizza is so awesome that it needs more than one day of celebration. Speaking of pizza, Little Caesar's has a great pretzel pizza. It's got cheese sauce instead of marinara.