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Happy Thanksgiving!

I did this recently. I think it was last week. There's not necessarily any particular reason for the sunglasses. I had a great Thanksgiving with my family. My mom made a great dinner, as always. Hopefully everyone else who celebrates Thanksgiving had a great one. Happy Thanksgiving!

Mjolnir (Thor's Hammer)

Here's a drawing I did some years ago. It's of Thor's hammer from the movie, Thor. It's from the scene in the movie. I was looking through some old drawings yesterday and found this one. So, I thought it would be something I could blog.

Zen Pencils 203. LEONARDO da VINCI: Step away from the canvas

203. LEONARDO da VINCI: Step away from the canvas: “When the work exceeds the ideal of the artist, the artist makes scant progress, and when the work falls short of his ideal it never ceases to improve, unless avarice be an obstacle.” I…

I think the art related Zen Pencils comic strips are especially appealing to me. I like how they can motivate or inspire artists in their work.

8 tips for using reference on Bobby Chiu's YouTube Channel

I thought I'd just blog this video about reference today. This guy makes some good points.

5 problems developing talent by Bobby Chiu