Spider-man Face

Here's a picture I drew of Spider-man in 2002. I think at the time I was considering drawing Spider-man in the style of the movie. Some comic book artists have their own way of drawing Spider-man. I was thinking if I get into the comics business at some point I'd draw Spider-man the way he looks in the movie. Other artists in the biz have done that. I don't know if I'd still do that. There's going to be a Venom movie. I've seen articles about it on comic book and movie news sites. Honestly I wouldn't mind if they recast Eddie Brock/Venom. I'm one of the people who liked Spider-man 3 and Topher Grace is a good actor but he didn't seem like Eddie Brock/Venom. Brock is a big, bulky, muscular guy with a bad attitude. Topher Grace wasn't that muscular compared to the comics version and he played Brock as an egotistical, whiny young punk. Eddie Brock never would've been so whiny and I don't think he would've asked God to kill Peter Parker. He would've just tried to beat up Peter and tell him to stay out of his way. Of course he wouldn't have succeeded in that because Peter has super strength and spider agility. And I think Brock might be quite a bit older than Peter in the comics. Another thing is that the costume didn't seem alive until it bonded with Brock. It didn't put itself on Peter or turn into street clothes, or control Peter's movements at any time. I'm sure Venom will be a great movie. It'll be cool to see what they do with it.


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