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The Punisher Skull

My sister made some decorations for my birthday using a machine that makes cutouts of silhouettes. One of the things she made was of The Punisher symbol. It already looked cool, but I photoshopped it, and I think this looks cool too. I like how the skull has a metallic look to it. My sister made the cutout of The Punisher skull with a foil-like paper, which has adhesive on the back. She put that on a black paper circle. The paper is more or less like you'd use for a scrapbook. It's one of my favorite decorations she made. Below is a picture of the decoration.

The Drawing Board 2

The second comic in my comic strip series, The Drawing Board, is now up on here and my deviantART page. You can check out the comic above this blog post.

Queen Contest on Talenthouse

Queen has a contest on the Talenthouse site for people to design a t-shirt for it. I would really appreciate it if you would vote for my entry in the contest. You can go here to vote.

The Drawing Board Debut

As you can see, the first strip in my comic strip series, The Drawing Board, is up here on my art blog.

My Comic Strip Series

I plan on debuting my new comic strip series this Sunday on here, as well as on deviantART. It's a three panel strip, and I plan on posting a new one every Sunday. This comic strip features the characters I've been blogging about on here, such as Jack Miller, Matt Kirby, Jennifer Kyle, etc. It will be right below the banner/header on here, and I'm thinking of putting it above my "Newest Deviations" section on my deviantART page. I'll archive the comic strips in a category in my gallery on there. You can go to my deviantART page by clicking on the link to the right. If you're interested, check out the first comic strip this weekend.

The Golden Avenger Powers Up

Awhile back I entered a superhero I created in a contest by The Stan Lee Foundation. This is that character, The Golden Avenger. This is another drawing of that character. This one features him floating in the sky and powering up the energy in his hands that he fires blasts of. This is the second major drawing I've done of this character, and I'm sure I'll have more to come. I experimented with "Kirby dots/Kirby krackle" on this for that energy.

Karen Gordon

This character is inspired by gimmicks (and I mean that in a good way) on TV shows like, for example, Wilson on Home Improvement. Wilson entire face wasn't shown on the sitcom, which starred comedian Tim Allen, until the closing credits of the final episode of the show. Throughout the show Wilson's top or bottom half of his face would be covered by something, or as in Halloween episodes, his face would be completely covered by something like makeup. I'm thinking of having Jack usually talk to her by e-mail or phone, or something like that. Karen, a high school friend of Jack's, will basically be a voice or text throughout the comic strip. At some point I might reveal what she looks like. I might do that before, and if, the comic strip ends. It depends on when I feel like it's more beneficial to the strip to have her seen and not just heard, or read. Like Violet only being referred to by her first name, for now I'm keeping what Karen looks like a mystery to crea…


Violet is another character for my comic strip that I've been working on for my blog. She's basically inspired by Pink. She's the girlfriend of Matt Kirby. She's a singer like pink, and she and Matt met through their music. I have a last name for Violet, but I'm considering holding off on using it to create mystery for the character. I plan on doing one more character design, and then I'll start the comic strip. I have more characters in mind, but I'm thinking of designing them as I work on the strip. I figure I have just about enough characters to get started, but more will come.