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Zachary Quinto As Spock

Here's the Star Trek drawing I mentioned in the previous post. I might do more Star Trek drawings before long. I drew this on paper with pencil, then I scanned it and photoshopped a patterned background on to it behind Zachary Quinto as Spock. I'm looking forward to this new movie coming to theatres.

Josh Ralls, Artist

Here's another sketchback drawing. I did thicker linework on this one. Star Trek is coming to theatres next month and I've been thinking about doing a Star Trek drawing. In fact I may have mentioned it on here. I might start on it tonight or tomorrow. I'll either do an original series drawing or one based on the new movie. As soon as I'm done with it I'll post it on here.

Kari II

Here's that other award winner I mentioned. It's a portrait of Kari Byron, the artist and star of Discovery Channel's Mythbusters. I don't think they ever told which one won which place, but I guess considering the order they're in in the program booklet for the awards show, "Kari II" was the one that won first place and "Josh Speaks" was the one that won second place. This was my first year entering as a professional, although now they call it advanced.