Christa Barnell/Speed Drawing

I have a friend who's a fellow artist. I have a few actually, but one of them, her name is Christa Barnell, and she has a site here. I figured I'd tell you guys about her site so you can go check it out. She does great art.

I've noticed some artists on You Tube posting speed drawings. I'd like to do that myself before long. Right now my You Tube channel just has a Favorites section. Once I get a movie maker program and figure out how to edit videos I'll start posting speed drawings on there, maybe some slide shows, and a video version of what I do on here, posting drawings and talking about things relating to the drawing or otherwise. When that'll be, I don't know. I've subscribed to a couple artists' channels on You Tube, one of them, their channel is called Mikey's Tube. Here's one of his speed drawing videos.


Keym said…
Wow that is absolutely crazy! I wish I had some skills with art but I am afraid that the Good Lord didn't see fit to equip me with many of those.

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