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Here's an acrylic painting on canvas I did of my sister's peach faced love bird. The family pet, named Max. He's a goofy cool little bird. We got him, I think around 1996 or 1997 and he was pretty much a baby then. To Max, my sister is like his mother. He's learned some things. My sister let's him nibble on some candy sometimes and sip orange soda. They say you aren't supposed to do that but it hasn't hurt him any. It just makes him kind of hyper sometimes. Whenever my sister is sitting at her desk in her bed room and says "nonpareils", Max runs down to the desk and pecks on the surface, because that's where Mom pours out some of those little white things from the nonpareils. And then he runs over towards the other end of the other end of the desk because that's where my sister sets the orange soda. He's also learned to shake his head. Like if my sister says it's time for bed and time for him to go back into his cage he…

Christian Bale as Batman

I got one of those little figurines of Batman from The Dark Knight out of the machine at K Mart today so I decided to blog about this Batman drawing I did. I've got another work to talk about to but first I'll talk about this one. I drew this on paper and scanned it. I digitally colored it. I used a textured brush in photoshop in different colors to put a texture over the brown background. I put a little bit of a lighter shade of brown over the regular brown. I colored Batman in sort of a painted style. This is Christian Bale as he appeared as Batman in the first movie, Batman Begins.

As a bonus, here's a picture I colored for a DeviantArt Coloring Bonanza. It's an abstract image. The bird on there is supposed to represent my sister's peach faced Lovebird, the family pet, named Max. The gray character with the dark gray eyebrows is DeviantArt's mascot. I think you can make out some of the other stuff in there. The rest is nothing in particular.

Eliza Smiling

I bet she is. Season 2 of Dollhouse, which stars Eliza Dushku, premiered tonight. And it looks like it's going to be an awesome season. Season 1 was great. This one looks to be even better. Now Paul Ballard is Echo's handler and she's remembering everything from her previous imprints. This drawing of Eliza is of her at the 6th Annual Tribeca Film Festival, for a press conference for her film Nobel Son, in 2007. I actually started this drawing in 2007 and finished it in 2008. I haven't done an Eliza drawing in awhile, although the last one I drew was this year. I'll likely be doing another before the year is over, or more than another one.


I figured I'd do a blog post about different mediums I've done art for. My main medium is pencil drawings. I draw portraits, cars, comic book stuff, etc. Other mediums I've worked in are oil pastels, oil paint, watercolor paint, acrylic paint, chalk pastels, color pencils which I guess fall into the pencil drawings category, ink. I do drawings on computer. Sometimes I scan drawings and digitally color them, other times I do drawings entirely on computer. I've also done ceramics in one of my art classes in high school. That's also where I did the oil and watercolor paintings. I haven't done any watercolor or oil paintings since then but I wouldn't mind if I did get back into that. Back to ceramics, I made pots and I made a bat (as in the animal, not baseball) and Elvis the alligator from Miami Vice. It has the chain with the neck thing and the Miami Vice logo on the lid. It's sort of a container. So I can put something in it and put the lid on. I also ma…

Lelia Broussard

Here's my portrait of Lelia Broussard, a very talented musician who currently has an album out titled Waiting on the 9. This is a portrait of her as she appears in her music video for the song Scared to Feel. You can see that video and others on her official You Tube page here.

Lelia Broussard Drawing/Open Graves

I'm thinking of doing that drawing of Lelia Broussard tomorrow. Lelia Broussard is a great musician. Her latest album is called Waiting on the 9. She's got several sites. Her main site is here. I found out about her on her official You Tube page here.

I watched Open Graves, a horror movie starring Eliza Dushku, on Syfy tonight. I'm not that into gore but it was a very good movie. I was wondering when they were going to release it and it was good to finally see it. I'm a bit biased about movies with Eliza Dushku, but even if she hadn't been it I think it still would've been an interesting movie. I definitely recommend it.

Janey from Korea

Here's the portrait of Janey from Korea that I mentioned in the past couple of blogs. This was my second attempt at drawing her. The first one turned out good, but I decided I could do better. So I redrew it, and I think it turned out really well. I really enjoyed drawing Janey.

Chapter 3 Quiz/Janey from Korea Drawing

I took my chapter three quiz for math tonight and got 100% on it. I got 77.3% on the Chapters one and two quiz, as I mentioned in a previous blog post. This one seemed to be easier and I took my time on the whole thing. I rushed a little at the beginning of the chapters one and two quiz.

I drew the portrait of Janey from Korea last night, but I wasn't really satisfied with it. Her face looked too long and the eyes looked too small, so I considered it a rough draft and started over tonight. I think I may just need to shade it now and hopefully I'll have it ready to post in a blog tomorrow. I think I mentioned it already but in case I didn't, Janey's blog is listed in my Blogs I Like section in the side menu at the right. You can also check out her You Tube channel, of which I'm a subscriber to, here.

Superman Airbrushed Logo

This is a picture I airbrushed. I reversed it and tinted it blue in photoshop so it makes it look like the Superman logo in space. I used a cutout of the Superman logo for the airbrushing.

I entered in a contest on Deviant art for the movie 9. I would've posted my entry on here but I wasn't sure if that would get me disqualified. But if you want to see it, go to the link in the side menu on my blog for my Deviant Art gallery and look for the deviation (artwork) titled "Computerbot".

I've got one last section of chapter three in math to do, a chapter three review, both tomorrow, and then I'll do the chapter three quiz Thursday. That will leave me with plenty of time to study my art books Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I may do one of those portraits I mentioned in the previous blog tomorrow.


Here's a cartoon of a chef I drew. I was looking through a cartoon book and saw a picture of a chef, and I thought I'd draw it in my style of cartoon drawing. Of course I think my cartoon style kind of varies. I've got another math quiz coming up this week. I guess chapter three is only five sections long. I start going over Chapter 3 tomorrow, the start of the school week. I'm planning on studying one of my drawing books. I don't have any classes other than math and english. The drawing book study is just to sharpen my skills. I'm going to work on Christopher Hart's Human Anatomy Made Amazingly easy and this week or the next I'll work on one of his other books, Drawing Animals Made Amazingly Easy. Sometimes this week I think I'd like to do drawings of a couple of fellow You Tubers, Lelia Broussard and Janey From Korea. I've been thinking about doing one of Lelia since maybe last week. And I just during this blog thought about doing …

I Passed My Math Quiz!

I passed my math quiz! I got 77.3%. It's not an A but it's almost a B. It's good. Now I can sleep in tomorrow. My class days are Monday through Saturday, but now all I have the rest of this week is researching for my research paper. I'll have plenty of time for drawing. I might sleep as late as I do on my off days. I've got my DVR on my digital cable set for Power Rangers RPM just in case. I've gotten back into Power Rangers lately. I watched Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers the Movie I think last month and I've gotten nostalgic for Power Rangers. I like Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers the Movie because it's not in the same continuity as the t.v. show. And there's no sequel so you have to use your imagination about what happens after the events in the first movie. I like to think nothing changes except maybe the powers and the zords. And the other versions of power rangers, Zeo, Turbo, etc. would be whole other teams all over earth or all over th…

Math Quiz Tomorrow (P.S.)

I've got three more assignments for math this week. I could do them each any time in the next two days but, I'm planning on doing them all tomorrow so I'll have Saturday free to just work on my research for my research paper and other stuff. My sister suggested I make a sign to put on my bedroom door when I get ready to take the quiz. I'll be glad to get it over with. I do my classes online and my math homework I've been able to keep trying to solve each problem until I get it right, but on this quiz there's a time limit. Ninety minutes, and I only get one chance to solve each problem. I feel confident about most of it. I think maybe the last section in chapter 2 is what I've had the most trouble with. Multiplying and dividing mixed numbers. I didn't get finished until some time past 9 pm. And I started at 11 am. Of course I'd worked on both section 2.7 and 2.8 today so that took me longer than it would've taken to do just one section. But I thi…

Eliza Dushku IV

Here's another one of my drawings of Eliza Dushku. I posted a color version of Eliza Dushku II awhile back. I don't know how many pictures I've drawn of Eliza Dushku. She's my favorite actress and one of my favorite subjects to draw. Season 2 of her show Dollhouse is coming September 25th.

Christa Barnell/Speed Drawing

I have a friend who's a fellow artist. I have a few actually, but one of them, her name is Christa Barnell, and she has a site here. I figured I'd tell you guys about her site so you can go check it out. She does great art.

I've noticed some artists on You Tube posting speed drawings. I'd like to do that myself before long. Right now my You Tube channel just has a Favorites section. Once I get a movie maker program and figure out how to edit videos I'll start posting speed drawings on there, maybe some slide shows, and a video version of what I do on here, posting drawings and talking about things relating to the drawing or otherwise. When that'll be, I don't know. I've subscribed to a couple artists' channels on You Tube, one of them, their channel is called Mikey's Tube. Here's one of his speed drawing videos.


When my sister came home from work today she gave me this paper of a drawing I did back in 2005. It was a HIPAA work sheet she'd had me draw so she could take it to work for the employees there. Employees would have to figure out how many HIPAA violations are being committed and what are they. I noticed things, not related to the HIPAA violations but related to my drawing skills at the time. My skills have improved since then. I can draw hands and women completely from my imagination better than that now. The hands on the characters in the last panel look kind of stubby for them. And I think the way I drew the woman could've been better, as well as the way I drew each character from the side. But over all it's not a bad drawing. It's pretty good.


I don't have a drawing to post for today but I do have some advice. Don't study for ten or eleven hours in a day. Definitely not without taking breaks. I'd been working on math all day today since 11 am. I went to do my home work, the part that I actually get graded on, and I kept having to redo some problems. You get more than so many, I don't know how many, chances to answer the problem right. My brain was turning to mush. So I quit for the night about 9 pm or a little after. I'm planning on doing three blog posts this week, at least. I'll probably do the third one tomorrow. And I'll see if I have a drawing to post then.

Soul Patch Guy

Here's a drawing of the guy in the music store in the Comcast commercials. I think the guy this drawing is of kind of looks like Joey Kramer of Aerosmith. I drew him from memory and it's a cartoony drawing as opposed to a photo realistic portrait of him. I've been pretty busy with college this week. I have math studying and reading several pages in two different books for english class. I'm getting ready to do a research paper. I'm planning on doing it on a topic relating to comicbooks. Maybe once I'm done with and after I turn it in, I'll see if I can post it on here. It'll have to be posted one page a day or week or something like that, since it's supposed to be four to six pages long. I've got less than eight weeks to finish the rough draft. So if I do post it on here, it'll be a ways off. I'll have to wait until after I get the final draft turned in. But I hope to make it an interesting paper. I don't recall doing a r…

The Terminator

This is a picture I did back around the time of the release of Terminator: Salvation in theaters. I checked the first two Terminator movies from the library and watched the first one. Never got around to watching the second one. I'd seen all three Terminator movies when they first came out on video and I saw Terminator: Salvation in the theater, but when I checked the first two out recently, somehow, after I took the first one back and kept the Terminator 2 longer, I ended up with the first movie in the box for the second one. I asked them if they had a second copy of The Terminator that I didn't know about because I could've sworn I put it in it's own box when I brought it back. But anyway, I drew this picture from the cover of the box for The Terminator. I think all of the Terminator movies have been great.