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Happy Birthday, Eliza Dushku!

Eliza Dushku turns 35 today. She's a beautiful, smart, strong, and extremely talented woman. She's starred in movies such as True Lies and Wrong Turn. She's also has starred on shows such as Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Tru Calling and Dollhouse, the latter two of which she was the lead actress. She's a very caring person. She's help some great causes like the one of which THRIVEGulu is for. THRIVEGulu helps people in Uganda like former child soldiers.

I thought I'd use an old drawing I did (pictured above) as a birthday tribute to Eliza. I drew it on paper and inked it with some Sharpies. I posted it on deviantART some time ago, but this is the first time I've blogged it on here. Happy birthday, Eliza Dushku!

Christmas Awesomeness

These, in the pictures above, are two of the gifts I got for Christmas. I think they're awesome! The first one at the very top is a book my sister made on Shutterfly with art and comic strips from my comic strip series titled The Drawing Board. The Second one below that is a 2016 calendar my sister also made on Shutterfly with a variety of my art in it. I can't say enough how much I appreciate my sister making these gifts for me. I've already put up the calendar even though the new year isn't here yet. I have a really awesome sister! I hope everyone has been having happy holidays and will have a happy new year.

Merry Christmas 2015!

I drew this earlier this week. I drew it on printer paper. I inked it with a black Sharpie and colored it with Liqui-Mark colored pencils. I thought it would make for a good post for the week of Christmas. Merry Christmas and happy holidays!

Santa Claus (Alternate Version)

Here's an alternate version of my Santa Clause artwork from last year. I decided to see if I had another Christmas pattern I would want to use for it, and I found this one with bells and Christmas trees. This background seems like more of a Christmas background to me. Merry Christmas and happy holidays!

St. Nick

Here's a picture I drew of Santa Claus last night. Santa is also known as Saint Nick. The Beach Boys wrote a song titled "Little Saint Nick." Santa is known by many names, some of which he mentions in Tim Allen's movie titled The Santa Clause. Merry Christmas, and happy holidays!

Jennifer (In Color)

Here's a color version of an artwork I blogged some time ago. This is Jennifer Kyle, a character from my comic strip titled The Drawing Board. I digitally colored it awhile back. I only did flat colors, but I may give the colors more depth at some point. Happy holidays!

How to Draw Santa Claus (Step by Step)

Here's a fun Christmas video from Christopher Hart. In this video, he shows how to draw Santa Claus.

Art Links

I'm doing this blog post to bring attention to my art links. The first link is Wacom. I use a Wacom tablet for digital artworks. It's a great tool. My Wacom tablet helps me to digitally color drawings, and to do entirely digital drawings, both in better quality than I could do with a mouse. Next is Christopher Hart How-to-Draw Books. I've got four of Christopher Hart's how-to-draw books. I've got Drawing Animals Made Amazingly Easy, Human Anatomy Made Amazingly Easy, The Master Guide to Drawing Anime, and Modern Cartooning. Christopher Hart's books are very informative and easy to understand. If you want to learn how to draw, his books are some great ones to check out. The third link is Pacon Creative Products. I often get Pacon brand sketchbooks and drawing pads for my art. I like to use the ones with heavyweight paper in them. You can find those products at stores like Walmart. They're great products. These things are very helpful to my art. Happy holiday…

Frosty The Snowman - Merry Christmas!

This is a new drawing. I just drew this last night. I've been blogging old ones recently but I decided to blog a new one today. I decided to do a Christmas drawing last night, and I decided on this. It's based on the Rankin/Bass version of Frosty. The Frosty the Snowman cartoon from Rankin/Bass is a classic. Jimmy Durante gave a great narration for the show. There have been follow ups to the cartoon over the years. This Frosty cartoon gets shown every year, and in recent years it's been shown with a very different Frosty cartoon with John Goodman voicing the title character. That cartoon is titled Frosty Returns. Frosty is a classic Christmas character. He's as much a Christmas icon as Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer. As the artwork says, "merry Christmas!" Also, happy holidays.

Batman In The Dark

Here's a Batman artwork from 2007. I like to draw--or paint or whatever--Batman. He's one of the best comic book heroes ever. He'll be played by Ben Affleck in the upcoming Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, which comes to theaters next year. Happy holidays!

Blue Heart

Here's one of my award-winning artworks. It started out as a paper drawing and then I went digital with the colors and the textured background. The character in this artwork is love sick and doesn't have a soul mate. I went literal in a way by making him blue. On a more upbeat note, happy holidays!

Fastback Generation One Version, Rough Concept

Here's an alternate version of a character I made up for Transformers. A friend of mine on deviantART made up a Transformers character, so I decided to make up one myself. I blogged a different version some time ago. I did flat colors on both. I could tweak them a bit and do give the coloring more dimension in the future. Happy holidays!

Lucky Heart

Here's an old artwork that I won an award for. I posted an earlier draft of it here. I drew the heart in the spade with the hot rod flames on paper. I scanned it and digitally colored it in a paint shop program. I used some tools in that program to get the worn fabric look, and the shadow, behind the heart/spade/flames image. The fabric texture is from a textured fill. Happy holidays!

Toony Batman

This is a follow up to yesterday's blog post. Here you can see that, besides exaggerating Batman's jaw, I also exaggerated his body. I made his torso and his arms disproportionately large, which I think helps make him look more like a cartoon character. I did the cape, cowl, etc. a little differently in this one. I think I like the other way better. Those parts look airbrushed on this one but the colors look solid on the other one. Happy holidays!

Toony Batman Face

Here's an old Batman cartoon drawing. I thought it might be interesting to do a cartoon Batman with exaggerated features, like a large jaw. By the time of this drawing, Batman had gone back to the "Year One" chest symbol, which was just a bat. I prefer to draw the version with the yellow oval if I can. I admit though that the "Year One" symbol is pretty cool. This started out as a paper drawing and ended up digitally colored. I also like to do black with blue or dark gray highlights on the cape, cowl, etc. There was a time when all those parts of Batman's suit were almost entirely blue. December, and Christmas time, officially starts tomorrow. So, Merry Christmas! To those who don't celebrate Christmas but rather another holiday, happy holidays!


Here's a Hulk picture I drew some years ago based on Ang Lee's Hulk. It's one of those drawings I did that started out on paper and ended up as a digitally colored artwork. I thought Ang Lee's Hulk was pretty good. However I do like that the remake has more action, and Hulk actually fights another being on his level of strength. Happy Holidays!

Christmas Time II

Here's a sequel to my "Christmas Time" artwork. Like the previous one, I made this with dA Muro on deviantART. I started listening to Christmas music I think towards the end of October. Now it's nearly officially Christmas time. Christmas is one of my favorite holidays. Thanksgiving, which was yesterday, is another. I love to feast! Happy holidays!

Three People

I wasn't going to post anything today since it's Thanksgiving, but I decided I had some time to do a blog entry. I intended for the guy in the first panel to be a chef, either inspired by or being Emeril Lagasse. I think he actually ended up also kind of looking like a particular actor on TV whose name I don't know, or don't remember. Then there's the woman in the panel next to him. Below, left is another woman. I don't remember if I had a particular occupation for her in mind, but she could be a nurse, or maybe a doctor. Happy Thanksgiving!


Here's a drawing I did of Donatello, of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, back in 2007. I used a tool for lighting effects in paint shop. I also used a patterned fill for the background and added a shadow behind Donatello. Tomorrow is Thanksgiving. So if I don't post anything then, happy Thanksgiving!

Batman Logo Airbrushed

I did this some years ago with a simple airbrushing kit. I airbrushed it on a blank post card. I used a stencil for the Batman logo. I seem to remember altering the colors with a paint shop program. I thought the change in colors made it look interesting. I seem to remember the red spots were originally a different color.

Super Freddy

This is a drawing I did for a contest that author Christopher Hart is holding on deviantART. I drew it earlier this week. Yesterday I inked it and colored it with color pencils. The contest is almost over, but here is Christopher Hart's journal entry describing it.

Flashback Friday: Captain America 1995

This is a drawing I hadn't seen in years. My sister was going through some stuff and found this, and she gave it to me. Judging by the red-inked writing on it, it's one of my drawings I submitted for a grade in middle/junior high school. I drew this back in 1995, hence the year in the title. I think it has some flaws, but it's pretty good for where my drawing skills were at at the time. I thought this would make for a good "Flashback Friday" post.

Batman Logo 2

In my opinion, Batman is one of the coolest heroes in comics. I like to draw him or his logo or other Batman related things sometimes. Here's one of those drawings. I digitally colored this drawing in a paint shop program. I gave it a leather textured background. From what I remember, the texture in photo shop is called "book" something, or something "book." Batman is a great character, and I really enjoy all things Batman.

The Flash Logo

Here's an old artwork I made of The Flash logo. In my opinion, The Flash is one of the greatest superheroes ever. There's a Flash TV show on The CW network now. The first season of the show was last year. It's a great show! I'm happy that it did what the early '90s show, with John Wesley Shipp, didn't get the chance to do. That is, continue past the first season. The Flash is a great superhero who deserves a long-running TV show, and I hope that's what he gets.

Doodle Power!

Here's an interesting article about doodling titled The Power of the Doodle: Improve Your Focus and Memory. The title pretty much says explains what the article is about. If you're studying or trying to focus on or remember something for whatever reason, doodling may help you. It's an interesting article that I think is worth a read.

Happy Halloween 2015!

Here's another version of my "Frankenjosh" drawing for Halloween. I posted an earlier version of this for the 30 Day Drawing Challenge. This might be my only post for this week, so I'm posting an early Halloween post. Happy Halloween!


For this post I pretty much just thought I'd acknowledge that it's the first of October. It's the start of a new month, and the holidays! If you're an artist, this month, the month of Halloween, might inspire you to draw some scary monsters, jack-o-lanterns, or something like that. I might do that myself. Another great thing about October is the fall weather that usually comes along. So, everyone have a happy October!

Doctor Who, Series Nine

I thought this would be a good opportunity to post one of my Doctor Who artworks again. I posted it before, here. Series nine of Doctor Who premieres tonight. It will be airing on one of the BBC channels in the UK, and on BBC America. It will be the second series, or season, to feature Peter Capaldi as the Doctor. It will also be Jenna Coleman's third series, second full one, and last series since it's been reported that she's leaving the show after series nine. I'll miss her. I'm looking forward to the premiere and I think it will be interesting to see what Capaldi's second series will be like.

Joker entering the Art Gallery - Batman (1989, T. Burton)

I decided to make this Joker Week on my art blog. However, I don't have a Joker artwork for today. I do have one that I had in mind, but it would take some work to get it out to post it. So, maybe another time. Until then, there, above, is a video of part of the museum scene in Batman (1989).

Heath Ledger As The Joker

Here's another one of my drawings of Heath Ledger as the Joker, from some years ago. I started by drawing and inking the drawing on paper. I colored some parts with Sharpies. Then I digitally colored the rest of the Joker, and put on a textured background.

Joker Card

Here's a Joker drawing I did some years ago, based on Heath Ledger's Joker. I originally drew it on paper, and I thought it would be cool to make it look like a playing card in my paint shop program. The Dark Knight was a great movie. I'm looking forward to seeing what the new Batman film mythology will be like with Ben Affleck's Batman and Jared Leto's Joker. While I do have favorites, I wouldn't say that any one actor is a better Batman or Joker. They're all great in their own ways. So, I think that Heath Ledger will always have been a  brilliant Joker.

The Shadow

Here's a picture of The Shadow I drew back in 2007. I've been fascinated with this character since the movie with Alec Baldwin in the '90s. The Shadow is an old pulp fiction (not the movie but the genre) character. His catchphrase is, "who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men...the Shadow knows." Dynamite Entertainment, a comic book publisher, has published The Shadow comics in recent years. The Shadow is an awesome character!

Batman Facebook Profile Picture

Facebook at least used to have default profile pictures for profile pages, and they were silhouettes on, I think blue backgrounds. That's what inspired me to draw this (above). I thought it would be funny and cool to do one with Batman.

Han Solo

This is Han Solo as he appears in Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens. My sister bought me an issue of Star Wars Insider awhile back, and having looked through it, I decided to sketch this. Force Friday was last week, which was cool. The movie is coming in December. I'm a big Star Wars fan and the new movie looks like it's going to be cool. It's to see that Han, Chewie, Princess Leia, Luke Skywalker, and more characters from the original trilogy will be back.

Miscellaneous Musings

First off, it's the latter part of 2015 and I still haven't created a new deviantID for my deviantART page yet. I haven't had any ideas for it. I know that when I do come up with something, I'm not going to date it like my current one. Until then, I'll either leave the current one up or I might use an old one in it's place.

Christopher Hart has a YouTube page. You can check it out at…. He has some cool videos on there. He has a lot of videos about how to draw this and that. He's also on here, as you can see from the icon at the beginning of this paragraph. He's got a great sense of humor and he's a pro at drawing and teaching people how to draw with his how-to-draw books. I'm currently reading his book titled The Master Guide to Drawing Anime. He's an inspiration to me and everyone else who reads his books.

I'm currently reading the graphic novel titled Grimm: the Coins of Zakynthos. The art, by Jose Malaga…

Movie Review: Fantastic Four (2015)

Sometimes I post movie reviews on my deviantART page. They actually have a category for it, so I figured I'd do reviews on there. Anyway, since it is on my deviantART page, I blog about it on here. And my latest movie review is for the 2015 remake of Fantastic Four. I know the movie hasn't been very well received, but I thought it was actually a very good movie. So, here is my movie review for the new Fantastic Four movie at deviantART.

Movie Review: Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation

I posted a movie review of Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation on my deviantART page. You can check it out here. To sum it up, it was awesome! But, the detailed review is at that link.

Movie Review: Ant-Man

I have a deviantART page, which I have a link to above. Sometimes I'll post reviews on deviantART. My dad and I saw Ant-Man, and I posted a review for the movie on there. You can check it out here. Here's a hint about the review: Ant-Man is awesome!

Attention All Artists! Important Information About Copyrights (Updated)

Update: I'm posting an update here instead of at the bottom, since there's a lot of text to scroll through. According to at least one or two posts on Tumblr, one being here, The Next Great Copyright Act/Orphan Works thing is bogus (Graphic).

Works Cited

"Don't Believe the Hyperbole, There's No Orphan Works Law Before Congress." Blog posting. Date not given. Graphic Policy. Web. 30 July 2015.

I'm sharing this from BroHawk, a.k.a. David Williams, from deviantART:

Update thanks to Kenny Gordon:…                                       Thank you Sean Galloway for pointing this out.

Copyright law is about to change
For more than a year Congress has been holding hearings for the drafting of a brand new US Copyright Act. At its heart is the return of Orphan Works
What does this mean for artists? it means it will make it easier for infringers to steal artists works and harder for people who are making or trying to ma…

Monty Python's Gumby Revisited

In a previous blog post, I posted about this artwork. I mentioned that my version of Gumby looked skinnier than Terry Gilliam's version. My version is actually a cartoon interpretation of Michael Palin as Gumby. Michael Palin tends to be very fit but lean. So I think it actually makes sense that this Gumby is skinny. While I'm on the topic of Monty Python, I'll mention that it's the one-year anniversary of Monty Python Live (Mostly) - One Down Five to Go. I bought the Bluray of the live show earlier this year. It's a great show! It was kind of sad when, at the end, it showed "Monty Python" and then what I guess was supposed to be the birth and death year. I was hoping that since they reunited for that show, they might do a movie like the previous ones they'd done: Monty Python's the Life of Brian, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Monty Python's the Meaning of Life. They also did two that seem to be overlooked sometimes. There was And Now for …

Mustang Fastback

Here's a Mustang Fastback drawing I did back in 2005. I think I digitally colored this drawing after I got my Wacom tablet. I also put the title "Mustang" on on computer, rather than drawing it on there when I drew it on paper.

The Master Guide To Drawing Anime, By Christopher Hart

Christopher Hart has a new book available. It's titled The Master Guide to Drawing Anime. He talks about it in a journal entry on his deviantART page, here.

Independence Day, 2015

I've blogged this artwork before but I decided to do it again for this. Happy 4th of July!

Movie Review: Jurassic World

Jurassic World is a phenomenal movie! Two brothers go to Jurassic World at Isla Nubar. The older made me think, “I know you miss your girlfriend, but YOU’RE ON AN ISLAND WITH LIVE DINOSAURS.” There were times when I saw him looking at other girls and I thought, “is he thinking of cheating on his girlfriend?”The younger kid, who was very intelligent, had more appreciation for Jurassic World. But then the older kid seemed to get into the whole thing at one point. Bryce Dallas Howard played their aunt. I think her character played out in an interesting way in the movie. Chris Pratt was the hero of the film, although Howard had herheroic moments as well. I really liked him in Guardians of the Galaxy, and his character in Jurassic World was different, but did have some humor, like Starlord. Pratt’s character helps them go after Indominus Rex, the new dinosaur that goes on the loose. Vincent D’Onofrio shows once again that he’s great at playing a bad guy. You get a hint of what his plans ar…

Frank Cho's Blog

From time to time on my art blog, I highlight, or spotlight, a particular blog in my list of blogs I follow, off to the right. For this blog post, I'm focusing on Fank Cho's blog, which is at (FYI, his blog is kind of risqué at times). Frank Cho is a great artist. I think he might be one of my favorites. He's one of those artists who is known for drawing beautiful women, but they aren't the only things he's great at drawing. I he's great at drawing all kinds of characters, scenery, etc. He's got a great eye for detail. I've got some books with his art in them. One in particular is his Women book. I've got some comics and graphic novels with his art in them. Probably one of Frank Cho's best known works is Liberty Meadows, and you can see a comic from the Liberty Meadows comic strip series near the top of the main page on his blog everyday. Frank Cho is a great artist, and his blog is definitely worth a look in my opinion.

New Look For My Blog (Updated)

I changed the look of my blog yesterday. I like the new look, with the rounded corners. I kept other things like the background for now.

Update: I decided to put a screencap on here so, if my blog design changes again, you can see what this one looked like.

Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to my dad and all the other dads out there! I love my dad. He's always encouraged me in my art. My whole family has in fact. My dad has artistic talent also. He does a lot of drawing in notebooks. I think artistic talent may actually run in the family. We have a painting from, I think a relative on my mom's side. I don't remember if she was my great grandma or what. I'll have to ask my mom sometime. So, I think artistic talent probably runs in both sides of the family. My dad and I started getting into Zentagle last year or the year before. I've posted about it multiple times on here before. My dad is awesome!

Garfield Turns 37 Today!

Today is Garfield's 37th birthday (pardon the URL, I miscalculated)! I've been a fan of Garfield for decades. I've checked out Garfield books from the library. I've watched Garfield and Friends, the early 1990s cartoon show. I have the two live-action movies that I got with a Garfield plush dog toy for Christmas one year. The movies are a double feature package. Garfield is one of the greatest comic strip characters ever. I've done some drawings of him, two of which you can see above. Today's Garfield comic strip is at the link below. It's the first two-panel strip I've seen for Garfield:

Garfield Comic Strip on

Fact or Faked

Skeptics and paranormal experts sometimes try to replicate paranormal phenomena to prove or disprove it. There was a whole show about that titled Fact or Faked: Chronicles of the Paranormal. I was always bothered by something about that show: just because you can replicate a phenomenon doesn’t necessarily mean it’s fake. It could just mean you’re good at special effects on some level. Stan Winston was a special effects artist. He and his special effects company created very convincing dinosaurs in Jurassic Park, but we all know dinosaurs DID exist. There are period drama films portraying events like the Civil War, but we all know those events DID happen. Just because you can replicate a ghost or a UFO, whatever, on film, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. I personally don’t know for sure if ghosts or UFOs exist. I do believe there’s a possibility of intelligent life elsewhere in the universe. But, I don’t think seeing phenomena replicated proves or disproves the phenomena to me. I think t…

David Letterman

And now, one of the greatest talk show hosts ever...Daaviiiiid Letterman! I'd been meaning to draw Dave since about his last episode of Late Show, and I finally did last night. I drew him cartoon style. I thought about drawing a pattern on his tie, but Christopher Hart says to keep it simple, so it's probably best I didn't do that. A simple cartoon drawing was in fact what I ended up going for anyway. David letterman was a great talk show host, and late night won't be the same since he's retired.

Ringo Starr

I drew this very recently. This is of course Ringo Starr of the legendary rock band The Beatles. Ringo was the drummer. He recently did a commercial for Sketchers. I think one of the earliest things I remember him from is Shining Time Station, a kid's television show in I believe the late '80s. He also guest voiced himself on The Simpsons. Ringo made some great contributions to the music of The Beatles, and he's had some impressive solo work.

Designing Characters

I found an interesting article on how to design characters. If you're working on a comic strip or something like that, and you need advice on how to design characters, you might want to check it out. The article is here.

Iron Panda

Artist Bi Heng has created a giant sculpture of a panda in an Iron Man-like suit of armor. But it's more than just a mash up of a cute animal and a superhero. To find out more about this work of art, check out the article here.

David Letterman's Farewell To Late Night

David Letterman's show ends tonight. Apparently, Bill Murray's was his last guest last night. So, Dave must be planning on doing something more or less different for the final episode. I honestly haven't watched David Letterman regularly in some time. But, I remember watching him when I was a kid. He had some crazy segments on his show. I remember segments on Late Night with David Letterman. I remember segments like Big Bud Melman. There were segments with Chris Elliott. One I seem to remember involved someone putting a basket full of bees over him. Viewer mail was a cool segment, especially when Dave rubbed his chin, leading to a flashback sequence. My favorite interview was with Michael Keaton for the Batman movie in 1989. At the time, when they showed a clip from the movie, I was confused as to why the Joker looked the way he looked. Vicki Vale had just splashed water on his face before the clip, rinsing off some of his makeup that make him look more or less normal. I t…

My Thoughts On Simon Pegg On Sci-Fi And Comic Book Movies

This is sort of an art-related thing, and besides, I'm having trouble posting on Tumblr. Simon Pegg recently commented on sci-fi and comic book movies (warning: there is some strong language in the article at that link). He's got the right to his own opinion, but I disagree with him. I think sci-fi films can be thought provoking. I think even movies like Avengers: Age of Ultron have intelligent things to say if you really look at them. I think those movies probably just don't get as much credit as they deserve because people still have the misguided belief that comic book stuff is still just for kids.

If you look at Avengers: Age of Ultron, it shows what can happen when man tries to play God. Tony Stark creates Ultron and all heck breaks loose. Also, the movie is about working together as a team. There's the romance between Bruce Banner and Natasha Romanoff. The twins, Wanda and Pietro Maximoff, are evidence of the tragedy that comes from war.

The Dark Knight trilogy …

How to Draw a Kangaroo and Joey (Step By Step) By Christopher Hart

I like watching videos like this on YouTube sometimes. I think, especially for an artist like me, it's inspiring to see other artists at work drawing or painting, or whatever. I like to see how they start the artwork, and build it up from there. It's really interesting.

Review - Avengers: Age of Ultron

Avengers: Age of Ultron is epically awesome! James Spader gave Ultron a lot of personality. As far as "the twins," the Maximoff siblings, it makes sense now why they joined Ultron against the Avengers, and it wasn't his personality. Their tragic past brings them into conflict with the Avengers. I thought it was cool that Jim Rhodes and Sam Wilson are in the movie. They have substantial parts in it. The romance between Bruce Banner and Natasha Roma...noff was pretty interesting. There was lots of action throughout the movie. There was lots of Hulk! I think the way the action was choreographed in this movie and the previous one is brilliant and exciting. I think it's on a much bigger scale in this new one. It was great to see The Vision introduced in this movie. Paul Bettany did a great job of bringing him to life. Ultron is a tough villain who keeps coming at the Avengers. All in all, it's an action packed movie with some touching moments, some humor, some drama. …

The Merry Merry Month Of May

It's May 1st. Avengers: Age of Ultron is in theaters today! It's the start of a new month, and I got to change my Doctor Who calendar to Peter Davison, the Fifth Doctor.

Bat-Blog has blogged some cool promo art for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. They show good looks at Batman and Superman's suits. Some time ago, I submitted pictures of a Joker pumpkin I painted to Bat-Blog. I submitted it for a post on their blog. If  you submit something Batman related, they might post it, and they did with my Joker pumpkin pictures. Bat-Blog is a  great blog!

There's been a lot of news about comic book movies and TV shows lately. So, it's a good time to be a fan of that stuff, which I am.

Happy National Superhero Day!

I didn't even know this existed until Steve Cardenas (Rocky on Mighty Morphin Power Rangers) posted about it on Facebook. It's a good thing I've been watching some superhero shows today. I watched an episode of Daredevil earlier today. A couple hours ago, I watched the newest episode of The Flash. Maybe I'll read a comic book before the night is over. Well, happy National Superhero Day!

Leto's Joker Look In Suicide Squad Revealed By Ayer On Twitter - Bleeding Cool Comic Book, Movie, TV News (Updated

I might consider sketching that picture sometime. It's an interesting take on the Joker. I think I might have to wait till I see more of him to get a better idea of what he's like though. You can check out the picture of Jared Leto as the Joker at the link below.

Leto's Joker Look In Suicide Squad Revealed By Ayer On Twitter - Bleeding Cool Comic Book, Movie, TV News

Update: Apparently, from another article I read, that's not exactly going to be Jared Leto's Joker look. He won't have all those tattoos. Whether the rest of his look in that picture will be his look in the film seems uncertain. They didn't really specify as far as I could tell. On another topic, I  found out with this blog post how long a blog title can be on here. It wouldn't let me put the close parenthesis on there after "(Update."

Garfield and Friends intro - 1st Season

I've started watching this for the first time in years. I haven't seen it since probably the '90s.

Batman Animated Series Intro


My Brain Hurts!

Here's another picture I drew of Monty Python's Gumby. I drew it in pencil and then went over it with Sharpies. I blogged a previous Gumby drawing awhile back, here. I wish Monty Python had continued to do movies or something like that beyond Monty Python's the Meaning of Life. They did do Monty Python Live (Mostly): One Down, Five to Go, but that was decades later. I think they could have done Python movies on the side from their solo work. They could have done one every two or three years. But, there's still a lot of Monty Python. Speaking of their solo work, Eric Idle had a sitcom in the '80s titled Nearly Departed. I looked for the intro on YouTube. I didn't find it, but I did find what appeared to be full episodes of the show. The Monty Python guys have done some great work together, and solo.


There's an official site for Garfield, legendary lasagna-loving cat of the comic strips, at You can see the comic strips there and at Garfield, in my opinion, is one of the best comic strips there has ever been. The comic strips have been published in books after they've been published in newspapers or online. Garfield is still going strong.

How to Draw a Trendy Haircut - Step-By-Step Tutorial By Christopher Hart



This is a dog I made up for the drawing. I'm not sure what breed of dog that would be. Maybe it would be something along the lines of a Yorkie. My family and I have a Yorkie puppy. She's probably technically an adult by now. She's two years old. But, we still think of her as a puppy. Dogs are great pets!

Cops & Robber - Monty Python's The Flying Circus


Eliza Dushku II (In Color)

I blogged a version of this a ways back without color. That version was published in a fan book that was given to Eliza Dushku herself. I think this was probably one of the earliest artworks I digitally colored after I got my Wacom tablet.

Leonard Nimoy 1931 - 2015

Leonard Nimoy passed away today. As probably everyone knows, he was the original Spock of Star Trek. He was a great actor, and he seemed like a great person. He'd recently been having health problems from what I remember reading. He was a very wise and talented person. He'll always be remembered, and he'll be greatly missed.

Monty Python's Official Site

Monty Python has a new official site at It's got a cool design featuring the art of Python Terry Gilliam. It's got various pages including a media page, shop page, and a fan club page. It's a great site!

Terry Gilliam's Official Web Site

Besides the blog from Terry Gilliam's daughter I mentioned in the previous blog post, Terry has an official site at There's not a lot on there right now. There are things like one thing about his film Zero Theorem. I'd like to see more of his cartoon work. I like his style. I like how his art, like Monty Python itself, can be funny and unpredictable. He does some great work!

Holly Gilliam's Blog Devoted To Her Father, Terry Gilliam

Apparently, Monty Python's Terry Gilliam has a daughter named Holly. And apparently, she started a blog to post about his art and things like that. I saw a cartoon Terry posted on his Facebook fan page, and I decided to look up his art. I found said blog, and there looks to be some interesting things on it. From what I gather, it's a blog to show his art, things from his acting, directing, etc. It looks cool. If you're a fan of Terry Gilliam, whether as a member of Monty Python, as a cartoonist, or as a director, you may want to check out that blog, which by the way is titled ""Discovering Dad" aka delving into Terry Gilliam's personal archive."


I drew this last night, the night of Valentine's Day. I thought about redrawing it before posting it, because I realized I didn't draw Cupid's hands in a position to actually fire an arrow. But, I decided to go ahead and blog it. It would have been a fitting thing to blog yesterday if I'd drawn it sooner. All in all, I think it looks pretty good.

Monty Python Artwork

This is an unfinished Monty Python artwork of mine. It's sort of in a cartoon style. I thought this would be a fitting artwork to post. I got Monty Python Live (Mostly) - One Down, Five to Go on Bluray earlier this week. I watched it and it was great! It's a live show with clips from the TV show, Monty Python's Flying Circus, and the movies. It consists of all or mostly old sketches, like a greatest hits show. The show debuted last year, and is considered their final farewell performance. It was funny how John Cleese and Terry Gilliam had facial hair and didn't shave for the show, considering that they'd be playing women (Terry Gilliam at least played himself in drag). It's sad that it was their final performance, but I figure it's just the beginning for me. I just started really getting into Monty Python in 2013. I had seen a reunion special some years before, and Monty Python and the Holy Grail in English 12 class in high school.

I watched Monty Python&…

Laura Vandervoort As Kara

Here's an old line drawing I did of Laura Vandervoort as Kara. She played Kara on Smallville. I drew this on paper and scanned it. Than I basically tinted it in a paint shop program I have. The paint shop program I have is JASC Paint Shop Pro. It's an old program but it still works really well for my art. I have unintentionally been going with a theme for my blog posts lately, the theme being women. But it's a good thing I have. I think it's cool.

Maria Menounos

Here's another old picture I drew. This is of Maria Menounos. I drew it on paper and then scanned it and colored it in a paint shop program I have. Maria Menounos seems like a cool woman. This is one of my artworks that was the earliest I digitally colored using my Wacom tablet. I think it turned out pretty well. I hope everyone has a great week!

Heather Thomas

This is a picture I drew some years ago of Heather Thomas. Heather Thomas starred in an 1980s TV show titled The Fall Guy. The show was about a trio of stunt people who were also bounty hunters. Lee Majors and Douglas Barr also starred. At one point, Night Court's Markie Post starred on the show. The Fall Guy was a great show!


This is a picture I drew some time ago. Honestly, I was going to scan something, but I didn't want to mess with a scanner. I had this saved away so I decided to post it instead.

Monty Python's Flying Circus, Series 1 - Opening Title Animation

Terry Gilliam has done some very creative and genius animations for Monty Python. He was also a member who did acting on the show and in the movies and such. I think his animations are inspiring. He's also done non-animated art in the unique style he used on Monty Python's Flying Circus. I think his art is brilliant.

Site Recommendation: Go Comics

There's a cool site where you can read comic strips, from Garfield to Dick Tracy: it's I started checking out the comic strips on that site awhile back. I like to read Garfield, Peanuts, and Dick Tracy on there. They've got lots of comic strips. The biggest, or at least some of the biggest comic strip series are on that site. I recommend checking it out.

DC TV Sketches

These are some sketches I did of characters from the different DC Comics-based shows on TV right now. The top one is a redraw of The CW's the Flash from my artwork titled "The Flash/Arrow Sketches." To the right is John Constantine from NBC's Constantine. Below him is the Arrow from The CW's Arrow. The guy shown from the back walking away is Jim Gordon from Fox's Gotham. The DC Comics-based TV Shows are looking good. Constantine's future has been uncertain, but hopefully it will stay on the air. Over all, DC's future on TV looks bright.