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HULK STAND! Here's Hulk just standing around, looking in front of himself.

Shout, Shout, Let it All Out

This is just something I doodled in my sketchbook and decided to digitally color. The title is a line from Tears for Fears' song "Shout." Here's the music video for the song:

Karen Gordon - Chapter One

Karen Gordon – Chapter 1
By Josh Ralls

It was Sunday evening when Karen Gordon’s aunt, also Jack Miller’s mother, called.

Mrs. Miller: “Hello, Hon!”

Karen: “Hello, Aunt Sarah!”

Mrs. Miller: “How are you doing?”

Karen: “I’m doing great.”

Mrs. Miller: “How’s your job at the museum?”

Karen: “It’s great! I love history.”

Karen and Mrs. Miller often call each other on the phone and chat. Karen’s father, George, is Mrs. Miller’s brother. The Millers and the Gordons are all very close. They get together for Thanksgiving and Christmas every year. Karen often calls Jack as well, or e-mails him or chats with him online.

Mrs. Miller: “Did you know that Jack is working on his own comic book series?”

Karen: “Oh yes! He said it was going to be a superhero team comic like Justice League of America or X-Men.”

Jack is an artist who does work in comics. He has always been into art, and his family has been very supportive of his talent and his decision to become a graphic artist. Art skills actually …

The Drawing Board #13

The thirteenth issue of The Drawing Board is now up!

Art Projects

I've been thinking about ideas for art projects. I'm planning on getting The Drawing Board #13 done and posted on here within this week, or maybe Sunday of next week. I've been wanting to do an artwork as a tribute to our armed forces. I'm also thinking of doing a comic strip about Eliza Dushku. That last idea is inspired by the comics on I'll be posting those artworks as soon as they're completed.

Jennifer Kyle Posing

Jack Miller's girlfriend from my comic strip The Drawing Board. The pose is based on Eliza Dushku's Saturday Night Magazine cover.

Fusion Profile Picture

This is a drawing I did of a Transformers OC (original character) of a friend of mine, KyaValentine, on deviantART. I drew it so that it looked like a profile picture in a computer database, like maybe the autobots or decepticons, or both, keep track of their own and the enemy. Fusion is an autobot. To see Kya's own artworks of her character Fusion, and other great artworks as well, head on over here.

Fusion (c) KyaValentine

The Drawing Board #12 Early Debut

I just posted the twelfth issue of The Drawing Board early on here. In the latest issue, Jack and Jennifer make plans to go on a date.

The Drawing Board Stuff

I wrote the script for issue number twelve of The Drawing Board tonight. I'll probably do layouts tomorrow. I plan on having this issue posted Sunday. I'm also working on a spin off in prose form. It will be about Karen Gordon. I'm also thinking about doing some short stories about Avery Ellis. My intent is for the Karen Gordon series to be a once a month thing. However, if I find that it doesn't interfere with The Drawing Board and I can write the stories quickly enough I could do two prose series, each one being one issue a month. But for now, I'm planning on the Karen Gordon series being a monthly thing. I figure prose would be great for her because I've always planned on prolonging not showing her physical appearance to create mystery for her. I'm already working on the first issue, or chapter, or episode. I'm considering calling them chapters or episodes. So, that's where I'm at now with all things The Drawing Board.