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Spider-Man Face

Here's a picture I drew just last night. I just decided to draw Spider-Man's face, and then some wild effects. As comic book aficionados may recognize, I made an attempt at "Kirby Krackle" with this. That's that black, dotted band around Spidey. The things inside aren't part of Kirby Krackle, as far as I know. I just made those up. I'm getting quite a bit of drawing done in the new year, so far.

The Joker's New Look

I'm currently reading Batman. There's a storyline in all the Batman comics right now, titled "Death of the Family." From what I've read so far, it's look very intriguing. The Joker has a new look. It's pretty gruesome. It's more or less like Leatherface. I'm thinking of drawing The Joker with his new look. I've done a rough sketch of it before, but nothing substantial. Drawing The Joker's new look should be interesting.

New Blog Design, New Art

I've got a new design for my art blog. The background is basically a bunch of cartoon alien faces. For the part that all the stuff (blog posts, etc.) is on, I used a color like you see on some blueprints. As for the artwork above this text, it's a picture I drew yesterday. I drew a similar picture of a woman with a sword. I thought it would be cool to do this one with a paint brush. I thought about titling it "My Brush is My Weapon," or "My Brush is My Tool." I ended up going with a more general title.

Chibi Superman

Here's a chibi-style picture I drew of Superman. I did one of Batman some time ago. They're fun to draw. This is one of my drawings from my Dark Knight Rises sketchpad. I believe the type of paper it has is newsprint. This is one of many drawings I've done in that sketchpad now.

Joker Look

Here's a sketch I did of the Joker. I'm working on my interpretation of his look. I want to make sure he looks like he's got a permanent grin. I don't want him to look like he's making a conscious effort to grin. As far as his dress and grooming, I think he may look too disheveled. I think the grin looks good, but I might do some research to make sure I've got the best look.

New Blog Design Possibly Coming

I'm thinking of doing a new blog design for my art blog. It's a new year, so I thought I'd have my blog reflect that. Blogger has templates that I use. I customize them to fit my blog. I'm thinking of using one different from the one I've been using. The one I have, as of this post, I've had for awhile. I basically just changed the colors and my personal banner at one point. So, this blog may look more or less different before long.

What is Jack Thinking?

Here's my newest drawing of my character, Jack Miller, from my comic strip titled, The Drawing Board. I took a break from the comic strip, but I'm thinking about starting it back up again. I drew this in pencil and a Sharpie pen. Comic strips are fun to do. I'd like to, at some point, do a comic strip for a publisher, instead of self-publishing like I do now. This is my latest drawing having to do with my self-published comic strip.

Faith and Agent J Sketches

This is a piece from my newest sketchbook. I bought one with heavy weight paper in it. I plan to still use the medium weight sketchbook. The woman is Eliza Dushku as Faith, from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. The man is Will Smith as Agent J, from Men in Black 3. I drew Will smith with a regular number two pencil. At least I think it was number two. It doesn't say. It's one of those with graphics on them that you can get in the stationery department at a retail store. I drew Eliza with a Pentel mechanical pencil, which takes 0.7mm lead. These are the first two doodles in my newest sketchbook.

Baby Sketches

Here  are some baby sketches I did last year. I thought baby's emotions were interesting, so I drew some baby faces with different emotions. I drew it in one of my newest sketch books. It's on medium weight paper, and I decided I prefer heavy weight. Lines and shading seem to show up darker on heavy weight paper. As far as the babies, it's interesting to see how they act. It's funny to see them laugh at things. Sometimes they laugh at the simplest things, but then, so do I. Babies are real characters.

Movie Review of Sorts - Men in Black 3

I watched Men in Black 3 this past weekend, but hadn't gotten around to doing my review of sorts until today. I posted it here, on deviantART. So, if you'd like to read it, check it out.

My Reviews of Sorts on deviantART

I did my first "review of sorts" as a deviation on deviantART. It's a movie review for the film titled Jack Reacher. You can check it out here.

Cartoon Two-Face

Here's my second doodle from my Dark Knight Rises drawing pad I got for Christmas. You may notice shading at the very top and other areas. It's hard to get the drawing to lay flat in the scanner while it's still in the drawing pad. As you can probably tell, this is Harvey Dent as seen in The Dark Knight. I drew his jaw a little different on the burned side. I figured there might be less muscle there, so his jaw might be less pronounced. I'll probably be doing more Batman movie drawings in that drawing pad.

Happy New Year, 2013!

Happy New Year! I've made some resolutions that I'm going to try my best to keep this year. I also hope to make lots of art in 2013. I'm planning on doing more Drawing Board comic strips. I look forward to seeing what the new year brings. Hopefully it will be good things. I hope everybody has a great New Year. Let's make it awesome!