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Comics Aren't Just for Kids Anymore

Here is a research paper I did for my English class this semester in college. It's about my favorite subject, comic books. My instructor graded it as my rough and final drafts and gave me a perfect score, which I'm really proud of.

Josh Ralls
Stephanie Peterson
12 October 2009
Comics Aren’t Just for Kids Anymore

When a lot of people think about comics, they think it’s just kid’s stuff. They think “Pow!”, “Biff!”, “Bam!”. But comics aren’t just for kids anymore. In fact as writer, editor, publisher and president of DC Comics Paul Levitz puts it, “Comics not only aren’t only for kids, they’re not mostly for kids today (“Comic Book Superheroes”)”. Comics have become more mature and sophisticated over the years, and there has been an increase in adult readers. Comics being for kids has gone from being a fact to being a stereotype. I remember an episode of the MTV reality series Room Raiders. The premise of the show is that one person goes through the apartmen…

Pumpkinheads 2009 Part II

Here's the big pumpkinhead. It's a three-eyed mutant. I'd never painted a pumpkin with more, or less, than two eyes, so I drew and painted three eyes on this one. I painted the stem green. The finishing touch was the green drool. I just thought it would look cool. Thanksgiving is this week. My family and I have already started decorating for Christmas. I'm a big eater so Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays. Second to Christmas, which is my number one favorite holiday. Just a reminder, I've got prints for sale in my DeviantArt gallery. I'm thinking of adding more soon.

Pumpkinheads 2009

Here are a couple pictures of some pumpkins I painted this Halloween. I'm a little late posting them, but better late than never. Looking at the first picture, here's what's what in order from left to right. There's the vampire pumpkin, the goofy faced pumpkin, the werewolf pumpkin, and the Bubba J pumpkin, which is based on Jeff Dunham's character of the same name. I paint pumpkins every Halloween. Usually they're small ones. I did paint a big one this Halloween, and I'll probably post a picture of that in the next blog entry.


It amazes me that next year is the beginning of a new decade. I wonder what it will be called. This decade is called the noughties from what I've read.

Here in the present, I can now show you my "Computerbot" drawing on my blog. The 9 contest ended awhile back. Unfortunately I didn't win, but it's cool just to enter. Even if I don't win my art gets more exposure. It doesn't have the dark and gritty look of 9, but it's what I thought up. It's probably better suited to a Pixar movie.

I'm about ready to give up on the DeviantArt Module. It keeps going out of order. I think I might just stick with my linked graphic, which is my logo with my DeviantArt page's URL below it. Unless I come up with a newer graphic.

DeviantArt Module Working Again (For now at least.)

The DeviantArt module is working again, although there's always the possibility that it will be out of order again in the future. But I've got a substitute for it when and if it is.

DeviantArt Module Out of Order (Upated)

Once again the DeviantArt module off the right of my blog is out of order. I've removed it until it gets fixed. Until then, I have my DeviantArt page in the links so if you want to see it you can go to it from there. Hopefully I won't have to deal with this problem too often or I'm going to quit using the Blogger module for DeviantArt and stick with putting my own link to my DeviantArt gallery on here.

Update: I put an image linking to my DeviantArt page off to the right under "My DeviantArt Gallery".