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Movie Review: Jurassic World

Jurassic World is a phenomenal movie! Two brothers go to Jurassic World at Isla Nubar. The older made me think, “I know you miss your girlfriend, but YOU’RE ON AN ISLAND WITH LIVE DINOSAURS.” There were times when I saw him looking at other girls and I thought, “is he thinking of cheating on his girlfriend?”The younger kid, who was very intelligent, had more appreciation for Jurassic World. But then the older kid seemed to get into the whole thing at one point. Bryce Dallas Howard played their aunt. I think her character played out in an interesting way in the movie. Chris Pratt was the hero of the film, although Howard had herheroic moments as well. I really liked him in Guardians of the Galaxy, and his character in Jurassic World was different, but did have some humor, like Starlord. Pratt’s character helps them go after Indominus Rex, the new dinosaur that goes on the loose. Vincent D’Onofrio shows once again that he’s great at playing a bad guy. You get a hint of what his plans ar…

Frank Cho's Blog

From time to time on my art blog, I highlight, or spotlight, a particular blog in my list of blogs I follow, off to the right. For this blog post, I'm focusing on Fank Cho's blog, which is at (FYI, his blog is kind of risqué at times). Frank Cho is a great artist. I think he might be one of my favorites. He's one of those artists who is known for drawing beautiful women, but they aren't the only things he's great at drawing. I he's great at drawing all kinds of characters, scenery, etc. He's got a great eye for detail. I've got some books with his art in them. One in particular is his Women book. I've got some comics and graphic novels with his art in them. Probably one of Frank Cho's best known works is Liberty Meadows, and you can see a comic from the Liberty Meadows comic strip series near the top of the main page on his blog everyday. Frank Cho is a great artist, and his blog is definitely worth a look in my opinion.

New Look For My Blog (Updated)

I changed the look of my blog yesterday. I like the new look, with the rounded corners. I kept other things like the background for now.

Update: I decided to put a screencap on here so, if my blog design changes again, you can see what this one looked like.

Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to my dad and all the other dads out there! I love my dad. He's always encouraged me in my art. My whole family has in fact. My dad has artistic talent also. He does a lot of drawing in notebooks. I think artistic talent may actually run in the family. We have a painting from, I think a relative on my mom's side. I don't remember if she was my great grandma or what. I'll have to ask my mom sometime. So, I think artistic talent probably runs in both sides of the family. My dad and I started getting into Zentagle last year or the year before. I've posted about it multiple times on here before. My dad is awesome!

Garfield Turns 37 Today!

Today is Garfield's 37th birthday (pardon the URL, I miscalculated)! I've been a fan of Garfield for decades. I've checked out Garfield books from the library. I've watched Garfield and Friends, the early 1990s cartoon show. I have the two live-action movies that I got with a Garfield plush dog toy for Christmas one year. The movies are a double feature package. Garfield is one of the greatest comic strip characters ever. I've done some drawings of him, two of which you can see above. Today's Garfield comic strip is at the link below. It's the first two-panel strip I've seen for Garfield:

Garfield Comic Strip on

Fact or Faked

Skeptics and paranormal experts sometimes try to replicate paranormal phenomena to prove or disprove it. There was a whole show about that titled Fact or Faked: Chronicles of the Paranormal. I was always bothered by something about that show: just because you can replicate a phenomenon doesn’t necessarily mean it’s fake. It could just mean you’re good at special effects on some level. Stan Winston was a special effects artist. He and his special effects company created very convincing dinosaurs in Jurassic Park, but we all know dinosaurs DID exist. There are period drama films portraying events like the Civil War, but we all know those events DID happen. Just because you can replicate a ghost or a UFO, whatever, on film, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. I personally don’t know for sure if ghosts or UFOs exist. I do believe there’s a possibility of intelligent life elsewhere in the universe. But, I don’t think seeing phenomena replicated proves or disproves the phenomena to me. I think t…

David Letterman

And now, one of the greatest talk show hosts ever...Daaviiiiid Letterman! I'd been meaning to draw Dave since about his last episode of Late Show, and I finally did last night. I drew him cartoon style. I thought about drawing a pattern on his tie, but Christopher Hart says to keep it simple, so it's probably best I didn't do that. A simple cartoon drawing was in fact what I ended up going for anyway. David letterman was a great talk show host, and late night won't be the same since he's retired.

Ringo Starr

I drew this very recently. This is of course Ringo Starr of the legendary rock band The Beatles. Ringo was the drummer. He recently did a commercial for Sketchers. I think one of the earliest things I remember him from is Shining Time Station, a kid's television show in I believe the late '80s. He also guest voiced himself on The Simpsons. Ringo made some great contributions to the music of The Beatles, and he's had some impressive solo work.