Meeting Jesse James (UPDATE)

Jesse James is touring for his new line of clothing, Jesse James Industrial Workwear. I got to see him in person today. I had him sign mine and my dad's diecast West Coast Choppers bikes. I had my sister take a picture of me with Jesse, which you can see above, but before that, I gave him this drawing.

It was awesome to see Jesse James in person. I'd never seen a celebrity up close in person before. When you see a celebrity in person you realize there a regular person like you, except they're rich and famous. Jesse is know for being a tough guy, but he's also a really nice guy. I have a closer up picture of Jesse and me standing together framed and hanging on the wall in my room. Meeting him was a great experience and one I'll never forget. Jesse James rocks!

UPDATE: I forgot to mention, when I gave Jesse the drawing he asked if I wanted him to sign it. I told him it was for him to keep and he said "Cool. Thanks man!".


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