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My sister bought me some new art pads this week, and this is my first artwork from one of those. They're Royal & Langnickel Essentials artist pads. Each one that my sister got me has a different type of paper for different media. The one that I used for this artwork is a drawing pad. I started out drawing this with a mechanical pencil. I didn't think it was dark enough so, another night I used some art pencils. I think the first one I used was 6B. The last one I used was 8B. 6B was darker, but I thought I needed to also use 8B to give it more depth. I'll undoubtedly have more artworks to post from those art pads. On a different note, I thought I'd close out this post by mentioning that I have a new section in the menu below my banner. It's a portfolio section. I have a few artworks on that page, and I'll have more as I do ones that I find suitable to that page.

My Third Logo, Psychadelic Version

I designed this yesterday as a new deviantID, for my deviantART profile. I used JASC Paintshop Pro. I basically used a halftone effect, from the Artistic Effects section, on my logo. Next, I added a frame from the frame feature. I've used a few different logos for my deviantID over time. This is my latest deviantID logo. It really stands out on my deviantART page.

"Desert, Santa, Tumbleweed."

My family and I have a tradition of watching Christmas movies every December. One of the movies we watch is I'll be Home for Christmas, starring Jonathan Taylor Thomas and Jessica Biel. There's a line in the movie about Jonathan's character being attacked by a killer tumbleweed. I thought it would make for an interesting sketch if I took it further. Here, it actually is a killer tumbleweed, a living one. It's sort of like Attack of the Killer Tomatoes. I wanted to keep it simple, so I drew it in a cartoony style. We'll most likely be watching I'll be Home for Christmas this December, as we do every December. It's a cool movie (I'll be Home for Christmas).

Works Cited
I'll be Home for Christmas.Dir. Arlene Sanford. Perf. Jonathan Taylor Thomas and Jessica Biel. Walt Disney Pictures. 1998. Film.


I've got some projects going. I worked on one project for my grandma. Next, I'm going to be working on something for my sister. I also hope to start on the oil pastel artwork of Ginger, mine and my family's Yorkie puppy. I was going to start on it earlier, but I've been making preparations before I actually start on it. I'm thinking of using the grid method for it. I have to get the grid sized up right on the paper and the photo that I'm basing the artwork on. The grid method basically makes it easier to draw something. It makes it less overwhelming because it makes you focus on a section of the picture at a time. So, I'm going to be keeping busy with my art.

More of My Artworks in Lowrider Arte

I got two artworks posted in Lowrider Arte's February/March 2012 issue. I actually missed that issue last year, so I didn't know until this week that they'd published my artworks in that issue. My sister ordered the back issue of it for me, which is what the scans are from. I didn't realize, at the time that I blogged the previous blog entry, that both artworks were in there. As I mentioned in said blog post, I'd gotten an artwork published in Lowrider Arte back in 2005. So, the

Caricature of Matt Smith as The Doctor

I drew this last night. I didn't do a lot of shading. I figured it would be best to save it in case I digitally color it. In some cases, if you shade in the inking stage, there's a risk of making the person look like they have a black eye or dirt on their face. I've done quite a few Doctor Who drawings since I've become a Whovian. This is my latest.

Eliza Dushku IV in Lowerider Arte

Last year I got a second artwork published in Lowrider Arte magazine. "Eliza Dushku IV" was published in the February/March 2012 issue. You can check it out on the Lowrider Arte site here. This is my second artwork to be published in Lowrider Arte. The first was "Vanessa Minnillo," which you can see below.

Coincidentally, "Vanessa Minnillo" was also published in a February/March issue, in 2005. I'm proud that I can now say that I've had two artworks published in Lowrider Arte. This is also my second artwork to be published in a national publication.

Cool Freddy

This is a cartoon drawing of my teddy bear from my childhood, Freddy. This is one of the drawings I've done this week.

Ashley Rickards

This is a drawing I did earlier tonight of Ashley Rickards, from the TV show Awkward. I don't watch Awkward, but I saw an article about it in Entertainment Weekly, and I decided to draw Ashley Rickards. I was going to ink it, but I decided to leave it as is. I've done a lot of drawings lately where I inked them before I scanned and posted them, so I decided to skip the inking stage with this one.

Violet 2

Here's a follow-up to yesterday's blog post. It's more Violet, from my comic strip titled The Drawing Board. This is sort of like album art, if Violet made an album of music. The only thing is, if it were a CD cover, it would have to be more square. Besides being a follow-up to yesterday's post, it's also titled as a sequel to the first character design, which you can see in said post.

Violet Redesign

This is my redesign of Violet, from my comic strip titled The Drawing Board. I drew her in a similar pose to the one I drew her in in the original character design, which you can see below:

She has a narrower head, with a sharper jaw line, in the original one. I decided to try a different look for her head in the new design. The body is basically the same, but more simplified. So, basically this new design is very similar to the old one in some ways, and different in other ways. This new design keeps very much of the older character design, with some modifications.

Musical Companion

Music is inspirational, and it puts you in a mood. I think what mood might depend on what music you're listening to. I like to listen to music on my iPod Nano while I'm making art. I listen to a lot of '80s music, blues, hard rock, etc. I've been listening to some of the same songs every time, and then some different ones. I've been frequently listening to some songs such as "Some Guys Have All the Luck" by Robert Palmer and "Hot in the City" by Billy Idol. Music can help along the creative process for an artist. Music is great!

Art Project and Iron Man 3

I don't have much to blog about in this post as far as art. I'm going to get started on an oil pastel artwork of our Yorkie puppy, Ginger, soon. My dad and I saw Iron Man 3 tonight. I posted a review of it at my Tumblr blog, here. It's an awesome movie!!!

Bearded Guy Sketch

Deep South Paranormal was on on Syfy tonight. I had it on, and I drew this in my sketchbook. This is loosely based on one of the paranormal investigators on that show. I don't know for sure that ghosts exist, but I believe it's a possibility. Ghost Hunters is back on in new episodes this June on Syfy. It seems like a long time since it was last on. Deep South Paranormal is the newest paranormal investigation show on Syfy.

Jack with 3D Glasses

This is a picture I drew last night. It's Jack Miller, from my comic strip titled The Drawing Board, with 3D glasses on. I'd give it a 3D effect if I had the tool to in photo shop. I'm still experimenting on my characters with the techniques I learned from Christopher Hart's Modern Cartooning. I made Jack's neck longer here. I drew his ears further up than in the redesign, but I may stick with the ears further down when I actually start doing new strips. I haven't gotten around to writing  new strips because I've been busy with other things. However, I'd like to get a start on them soon. I still need to consider whether I'm going to stick with the redesign for Matt Kirby (which I haven't blogged yet), or do another version. As for this drawing, I think it turned out pretty well.


This is Jennifer Kyle, from my comic strip titled The Drawing Board. I drew this earlier tonight. This was kind of a spontaneous drawing. I came up with the idea as I went along. The flowers took quite a bit of time. I listened to some music while I drew it, as I often do with my art. It was a very enjoyable artwork to work on.

Doctor Who

This is the Doctor Who drawing I've been working on since last year. I just finished it tonight. I think it turned out pretty well. It's a drawing of the 12 incarnations of The Doctor, and his TARDIS (Time And Relative Dimensions In Space), which is disguised as a 1960's police box.

 It's a fitting night to have finished it too. A new episode of Doctor Who was on on BBC America earlier tonight. It was titled "The Crimson Horror." I think it may have been one of the more bizarre episodes, and I mean that in a good way. Diana Rigg and her daughter were in it. So far, the second half of series seven has been very different from the first half, but very cool.

I've become much more interested in the classic era of Doctor Who than I was before. At first, I was pretty much just focused on the revival era. However, I've been watching The Doctors Revisited specials each month this year, and I'm finding that the classic Doctors are very intriguing and exci…

Doctor Who Drawing

I'm nearly finished with my Doctor Who drawing. I've just got two more Doctors and a TARDIS to draw, in the drawing. I'm keeping it pretty simple. I'm using pencil, a Sharpie pen, and a Sharpie fine point marker. I sketch out one Doctor at a time in pencil, and then ink him. Later, of course, I'll be sketching and then inking a version of the TARDIS. I'm just about finished with it. Once I am, I'll post it on here.

Chibi Batman

Here's a chibi-style drawing I drew of Batman. I figured it would be a kind of simple, fun drawing to do. Batman is a great character. The chibi concept is kind of interesting to me. I might do more of them. Here's a "Chibi Superman" I drew as well.