Geocities is Closing (UPDATED)

I just found out that Geocities is closing. So after October 26, 2009 you won't see my old art site, which is a Geocities site, in my links anymore. My geocities site is the one above my Deviant Art page in my links. I haven't updated it in a long time, especially since I got this blog on Blogger. So if you're interested, you've got until October 26 to check out my old art site, if you haven't already. After that, it'll be gone. But since this blog on Blogger is my new art site, you'll be able to continue to check out my art and updates on here and in my art gallery featured off to the right on my blog.

UPDATE: I gave my Deviant Art page it's own separate link off to the right under the links section. My old art site is still in the top spot of the links.


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