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September's Coming To An End

As I was trying to think of a title for this post, I remembered that Green Day song. I think it's titled "Wake Me Up When September Ends." September is just about over. I'm excited about it because of two things. The first thing is that I get to change my Doctor Who calendar to the Tenth Doctor. The second thing is that October is the start of the holidays. It would be a good time to do some drawings of werewolves and things like that. It would also be a good time to read some scary books and watch scary movies. Watching horror movies is how I celebrate Halloween. I go more for the classic type of horror movies like The Wolf Man. As far as books, I've read a book by Stephen King titled Cycle of the Werewolf. It's a short book, but it's great. It's got art by Bernie Wrightson in it. I believe Wrightson has also illustrated a Frankenstein story. I'm trying to think of other artists who have done horror art. I checked out a book before, about drawing…

Art Studies

I think it was the year before last that I studied Vincent Van Gogh. I read a book about him. I also watched a DVD about letters from him, I think to his brother. It was narrated by John Hurt, who played the War Doctor in last year's Doctor Who: the Day of the Doctor. I have a book my sister bought for me, I think last year, about Vincent Van Gogh. I think I might read that soon. I've been interested in John Mellencamp's paintings. I've got a book about them titled Mellencamp: Paintings and Reflections. He's done some interesting artworks. I think I might continue to study different artists and types of art.

Getting Back Into The Groove

I haven't done a lot of art lately, but I'm trying to get back into the groove. I've been working on some art for a friend. I did a colored pencil drawing on black paper recently. I haven't done that in awhile. I think you have to have the right paper and colored pencils for that. The better the materials, the more the art will show up on the paper. I'd like to get really busy on my art soon. In the meantime, here's a link to comic book artist Terry Dodson's awesome blog, The Bomb Shelter.

Artists can be Their Own Worst Critics

Some artists can be their own worst critics. They may see flaws in their art, whereas viewers are enthralled by it. I think one reason why some artists are their own worst critics is because it's kind of difficult for them to be objective about it. They spend so much time on the art, looking at it, that they need to step away from it for awhile and come back later to see it with fresh eyes. I think if you do that you can at least be somewhat more objective about your art as an artist. You either need to step away and come back, or have someone else look at it. Christopher Hart talked about being your own critic in a post on Facebook. I think he basically said you need to think more positively when critiquing your own art. It's good to critique your own art so you can do what needs to be done, if anything, to improve it. But, you shouldn't be too hard on yourself.

UFO at Night

This is a rough drawing I drew awhile back. I've been watching Unsealed: Alien Files on TV for awhile now. I like to watch TV shows about UFOs and things like that. The History Channel and/or H2 seem to be famous now for airing shows about UFOs and aliens. One of their best known shows on the subject is Ancient Aliens. Now there's a show titled In Search of Aliens. It's hosted by Giorgio Tsoukalos of Ancient Aliens. UFOs and aliens are interesting subjects. There have been a lot of sightings. I've never seen an alien or UFO on Earth firsthand, but I believe there is life elsewhere in the universe. It's an interesting topic to think about.