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I thought this was a beautiful picture, but then what picture of Eliza Dushku isn't. So I decided to draw it. There's something about the way she's looking down and she's kind of smiling, and that wavy hair around her face. I don't think I've done a drawing of Eliza in awhile. I'm pretty happy with the way this drawing turned out. I think it turned out really well. I managed to not get too much shadow from the way I scanned it, considering that it's in the same sketchbook that the "Brian Johnson Of AC/DC" drawing is in. I had to scan it a second time and tweak in the process because the first time it showed up too light. You could hardly see anything other than the hair. I couldn't think of title so I just titled it "Eliza". I took a couple days to do it and I drew it with a Hot Wheels pencil and a 2HB pencil. I smoothed the shading by rubbing it with a little piece of paper. This is my second drawing of the new year …

The Man With The Burning Brain

For my first blog entry of the new year, here's one of my digitally colored artworks. I just started drawing in this style and came up with a few drawings. This is one of those drawings that just came to me as I was drawing it. I didn't have a reference to draw from and I didn't have it visualized before I drew it. I'm entering it in an art show soon. I haven't done a digitally colored drawing in awhile. I might do a new one pretty soon.