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Shadow of the Bat

Here's another paper graffiti picture I drew recently. Dick Grayson is currently Batman in the comics and Bruce Wayne's son Damian is Robin. Tim Drake is searching the world as Red Robin to find Bruce Wayne, who is presumed dead but is actually alive and MIA. He was last seen by readers drawing on a cave wall. It's only a matter of time before Bruce comes back and becomes Batman again. I don't mind Dick Grayson as Batman but I prefer the original. I hope when Bruce comes back he wears the costume, or a copy of it, that Dick Grayson is wearing. I like the new look. Course if they decided to have Bruce return wearing an even newer costume, that would be interesting to see. Gary Oldman has recently said that the next Batman movie will come in a year or two. If so, that's cool. I'm a big fan of Batman. I have been since 1987 or 1989. Batman (1989) is my favorite movie ever. Batman rocks!

Green Lantern's Light

I did this picture last night which I call "Green Lantern's Light". I usually put the title of the artwork in the title of the blog post, as is the case with this one. I did this on heavy weight sketchbook paper with an ultra fine point green Sharpie and a fine point green Sharpie. I have a small Mead Acadamie sketchbook that I've been drawing in and it says the paper won't yellow. It's acid-free and lignin-free. I call this drawing a paper graffiti drawing. I guess I'd call my sketchback drawings that are drawn like this sketchback graffiti. Green Lantern: First Flight is coming to DVD July 28th. It looks cool.

Suit and Tie Guy

I drew this in my sketchbook a few nights ago. I drew it entirely with Sharpie markers. I've replaced my Flickr gallery with my Deviant Art gallery as my new gallery on here, off to the right. I still have the My Art album on my Flickr page but I'm not adding any more artworks on there. I'm just keeping it on there to see how many views my artworks that are on there get.

My Gallery

I'm now using my Deviant Art gallery as my featured gallery on here, off to the right. So when you click on the "MY GALLERY" picture off to the right it'll take you to my Deviant Art gallery instead of my Flickr gallery. So far I'm still keeping the "My Art" album on my Flickr account, but I intend on adding new drawings to my Deviant Art page instead of Flickr. I figure if I keep that album on there, that, along with my Deviant Art page and my blog here, will be three chances for my art to get exposure. So for now at least, I don't plan on deleting any of my art from Flickr. But since I have all of that art on my Deviant Art page as well and I'm not going to add any more to the Flickr art gallery, I don't need the Flickr art gallery on my blog here.

Geocities is Closing (UPDATED)

I just found out that Geocities is closing. So after October 26, 2009 you won't see my old art site, which is a Geocities site, in my links anymore. My geocities site is the one above my Deviant Art page in my links. I haven't updated it in a long time, especially since I got this blog on Blogger. So if you're interested, you've got until October 26 to check out my old art site, if you haven't already. After that, it'll be gone. But since this blog on Blogger is my new art site, you'll be able to continue to check out my art and updates on here and in my art gallery featured off to the right on my blog.

UPDATE: I gave my Deviant Art page it's own separate link off to the right under the links section. My old art site is still in the top spot of the links.

Padma Lakshmi/Lacey Chabert

Here are a couple drawings from 2007. The first is Padma Lakshmi, model and host of tv's Top Chef, with a plate of cherries. The second drawing is of Lacey Chabert of tv's Party of Five. I found these when I was looking for a certain drawing to submit to a magazine and I thought I'd post these.


Tomorrow, the Sci-Fi Channel will become Syfy. I don't mind the new name that much, but I think the logo could look cooler. Something more like this logo I made in photoshop.

Here are a couple I designed for myself. I thought about using one of them as my new logo, but although they look cool, I think I'm going to stick with my current logo.

Slimer the Ghost/Brain Power

Happy 4th of July! For the first time, I'm posting two drawings in one blog post. I did these two in my sketchbook last night. I don't know why Brain Power shows through Slimer the Ghost. I'm planning on digitally coloring Slimer the Ghost anyway, so you won't see it then. In the Marvel UK Ghostbusters comics, there was a story about Slimer when he was alive. He was originally King Remils, a greedy, obese monarch who died of heart failure. I don't have any story for Brain Power. It's just something I drew. It sort of resembles that big headed alien guy on Star Trek. The one that turned out to be a disguise for the alien played by Clint Howard in the episode of Star Trek titled The Corbomite Maneuver.