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Wacky Confused Face

This is a goofy drawing I did of a "Wacky Confused Face", as the title says. This is one of those drawings I do that I don't start out with guide lines. I just started with the eyes and drew around them.

I'm thinking about taking C.B. Cebulksi's advice from his article "The Tao of Breaking Into Comics, According to C.B. Cebulksi" at the Comic Book Resources site. He suggests having a blog to post your comic book work on for editors to see. I of course already have a blog, but the only published work I have is the drawing I submitted to Lowrider Arte, and one to another art magazine. But I could post samples or any work that I do just for the fun of it. That's another thing he suggests for writers as well as artists. "Do it for yourself or to break in professionally" as he says. I think doing comics just for fun would be good exercise for your skills if you haven't gotten into the comics business at all yet. I think I would like to not …

The Face of Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman's got a new suit in the comics. I personally might not mind it as a temporary costume but I want to see WW return to the old costume before long.