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The Scott Pilgrim Books

Usually I blog about my artworks and I post them on here when I do, but Skottie Young was talking over on his blog about how basically instead of complaining about certain comics, you should talk about the ones you like. He talked about this subject because he'd been reading comments from people who complain about how superhero comics dominate the market. Personally, superhero comics are my favorite kind of comics. However, I also like to try other comics. My favorite non-superhero comics are the Scott Pilgrim books. I got volume one for Christmas, and I loved it! I read it twice in one week I think. Then I got volume two and I loved that one also. I would have read that twice already but I've been focusing my attention on Daredevil, Volume 3, which is a great book as well. On the Scott Pilgrim books, Bryan Lee O'Malley has a great drawing style. It's a manga style. If you look in a book store it's with the manga books. It works very well with the humor in the book…

Eliza Dushku

I've been a fan of Eliza Dushku since 2003, and it started with this drawing. I wasn't familiar with her when I drew this picture. I drew this from a photo in one of Entertainment Weekly's photo issues. I thought it was a beautiful picture and I wanted to draw it, so I did. I was intrigued by her and I found out that she was going to have her own show, Tru Calling, and I started watching it. That's when I really became a fan of her. She's got a Twitter page here, and a Facebook page here. She's a very beautiful and talented woman. I think it's cool that she comes from the same state as Aerosmith and Robert B. Parker. She's in a relationship with basketball player and lucky guy Rick Fox. He's also got a Twitter page here. He seems like a cool guy. I usually never have anything to do with Dancing With The Stars, but I voted for him when he was one of the contestants. As I've mentioned in my "About Me" section on here, I've had one of…

Eight Ball

Here's another drawing from the scratchpaper kit I got for Christmas. It's technically called scratchboard, but this is more like paper. I think scratchpaper, or board, comes in different colors under the stuff that you scratch off. You can probably get it in solid colors. I seem to recall reading in, maybe it was the magazine titled Wizard, that comic book artist, writer, and film director Frank Miller used scratchpaper, or board, for one of his comic book projects. I think it was either for a Sin City book or it was for a character design for The Dark Knight Strikes Again. They showed the artwork and the underlying color was white, so when he scratched the drawing into the paper, it looked like a black and white drawing of a character in the dark. I seem to recall he used that paper because it was easier than using a marker to black out the space around the character and some of the character himself. I enjoy drawing on scratchpaper, or board. It's a cool medium to use.


This is a character I created. I was working on sharpening my skills using Vincent Giarrano's book titled Comics Crash Course. Katie's the first name that came to mind for her. There was no particular reason for it, although after I thought about it I remembered Katie Holmes. I think it's a pretty good drawing.

The Green Hornet Symbol

My dad and I saw The Green Hornet earlier tonight. It's an awesome movie! It's got a lot of action, and it's pretty funny. It's a balance of drama and comedy. Basically I think I would describe it as Lethal Weapon with superheroes. Some superhero movies you don't want to be too much of a comedy. This one seems like a drama/comedy, and I think it works for it. We didn't get 3D glasses. I'm not sure if 3D for the movie is only in select theaters. But It still looks cool even without the glasses. We had a great time watching this movie. It was fun! I made the artwork above earlier in the day. I drew it on scratchpaper. I decided I wanted to give it a green tint, so I scanned it and photoshopped it. It's a little different from the actual logo used for the movie. I drew the edges smoother, and I left off that one black spot that's above the head of the hornet on the actual logo. The Green Hornet is a really cool movie, and I recommend watching it.


That's comics, as in comic books. Comedians sometimes like to be called comics for some reason. It seems like that could be confusing sometimes. "Are they talking about comic books or comedians?" Anyway, this is just one of those things I just started drawing whatever came to mind at that very moment, as opposed to having an idea for a drawing before I start it. I saw someone's Scott Pilgrim artwork on devianART awhile back. I remembered it last night and how they used halftones just for the background and not the rest of the artwork. The rest of the artwork was more or less solid colors. So I decided to try that with this artwork, sort of. The word has got some orange shading and white highlights on the yellow. It looks pretty cool to me. Although I might make the edges smoother on word graphics like that in the future. I think it turned out pretty well though.

Green Lantern Symbol

Here's another one of my scratchpaper drawings using the scratchpaper kit I got for Christmas. I think the way I did the lines gives it sort of a three dimensional look.


I've been reading the Garfield comic and I thought it would be cool to get this old drawing back out and enhance it. I inked it, scanned it, then I moved the name above Garfield and digitally colored and photoshopped the drawing. Garfield is one cool cat!

My First Post of 2011

These are a couple drawings I doodled in my sketchbook last night and scanned and digitally colored today. The first one is an Eliza Dushku logo. I might tweak it later. The second drawing, below, is a drawing of myself in a cartoon style.

I might consider using that style for my comic strip for my blog. Right now I'm in the process of writing character descriptions. The drawings are titled "Eliza Dushku logo" and "Toony Me."