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I was thinking about guys' hairdos nowadays, and I drew this. Popular hairstyles change over the years and decades. One current hairstyle is where the bangs are combed off to one side, and over the forehead, I think. I drew this drawing with that particular style in mind.


This is inspired by artist's block. You may have heard of writer's block. This is the artist's version. Sometimes you want to draw something, but you're mind goes blank. You don't know what to draw. I've had times when I couldn't think of anything to do for an artwork. It can be frustrating. Whenever that happens, you need to look for inspiration wherever you can.

Witty Writers

A friend started a blog with a friend of hers. It's titled Witty Writers, and you can check out the latest blog post here. That blog post explains the purpose of the blog. So, if you're interested, check out the blog at that link. I think it seems like an interesting idea for a blog.


If you're an artist, I recommend checking out It's a great site to try to get your art recognized. They have contests where you can submit artworks for things, like promotional art for bands, and other stuff. Entering in one of those contests could get you major exposure for your art. So, if you're interested, sign up at Talenthouse and get in on the action.

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day to my dad, and all the other dads out there! You're a kid's first and biggest hero.

Peter Capaldi

Here's a picture I drew of Peter Capaldi recently. I did it as a line drawing. I think it turned out pretty well, but I'm considering redrawing it. Doctor Who's new season, the eighth one, starts I think in two or three months. I think it will be cool to see Peter Capaldi as the new Doctor. I'm curious to see how it will all look. They'll no doubt have a new opening credits sequence. The previous one had Matt Smith's face in it. I'll miss Matt Smith as the Doctor, but it will be cool to see how Peter Capaldi does.

Art Books

I'm currently reading and studying the book titled Sketching Masterclass, by Ruzaimi Mat Rani and Ezihaslinda Ngah. It's got a lot of helpful stuff in it. I recommend checking it out. I'm also plan to continue reading and studying Human Anatomy Made Amazingly Easy, by Christopher Hart. And I may continue studying Anatomy for Fantasy Artists, by Glenn Fabry, soon. One thing I recommend when practicing or studying drawing is to focus especially on the parts that are most challenging for you. If you're studying a book about drawing, focus especially on the parts that are the biggest challenges, and maybe focus on them first.


This is an adipose, a creature from Doctor Who. In an episode of Doctor Who, people take a pill made by Adipose Industries, and these little creatures grow inside their bodies and absorb their fat. Then, they burst out of their bodies (Doctor Who 10). I recently thought about drawing a Doctor Who character, and I drew this. Adipose have a very simple appearance. They look like marshmallows.

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Movie Review - X-Men: Days Of Future Past

X-Men: Days of Future Past is an excellent movie! It's an epic film with an ensemble cast. In my opinion, X-Men is always awesome. Add to that time travel, and it's beyond awesome! It's cool to see some of the cast from X-Men First Class, and some of the cast from the other X-Men movies, come together. It's exciting! It's all about the fate of mutant, and even human kind.

Mystique plays a very important part in this movie, and I think that's cool. There has never been much focus on her in the movies. Jennifer Lawrence's performance as Mystique is really phenomenal. Wolverine also plays a big part in this movie and I think it's always cool to see him. Hugh Jackman has done a fantastic job of translating Wolverine to film over the years. James McAvoy gives a very dramatic portrayal of Professor Xavier. I could go on and on. There are lots of characters in this movie, and they're portrayed greatly by their actors. Omar Sy as Bishop, Halle Berry as Stor…