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Transformers - Lowrider Profile

Name: Lowrider

Alliance: Autobot

Alt Mode: Black 1973 Chevy Monte Carlo

I photoshopped this to look like a blueprint. I'm thinking of tweaking the design at some point. Lowrider is a stealthy transformer.

New Thundercats Show

The old Thundercats show will always be my favorite, but this new one actually looks pretty cool. I get the feeling that this new show would have worked really well as a live-action theatrical release. I hope Panthro's not really dead in this show. Mumm-Ra was in his regular form and he didn't seem like the weakling he was in that form on the original show, all bandages and a red cloak and hunched over looking like he could croak at any minute. They talk about thundercats in the past defeating Mumm-Ra and, although I'm sure it's not the case, it seems like those thundercats Claudus spoke of could have been the ones on the original show, if their descendants named their children after them, or something like that. So, if you're not happy with Thundercats being remade, you could use your imagination and picture it like that. This new Thundercats show seems really cool. I look forward to future episodes.

Grant Morrison Says We Should Emulate Superman

I thought this was an interesting article. Grant Morrison talks about how we should emulate comic book superheroes like Superman with values like honesty and integrity.

The Drawing Board #11

The eleventh issue of The Drawing Board is now up. Check it out right below the banner/header.

Captain America: the First Avenger

My dad and I saw Captain America: the First Avenger at the theater, and it was FREAKING AWESOME!!! It's very true to the comics. I thought the way Chris Evans portrayed Captain America was great. I like the kind of character that Cap is. I like that he's in the tradition of the old school heroes around that time. Cap had such a great spirit even as scrawny Steve Rogers. The rest of the cast was great too. It was cool to see Tommy Lee Jones in it. Hayley Atwell was beautiful and intriguing as Peggy Carter. Bucky and Howard Stark were cool. The rest of the supporting cast were great as well. Joe Johnston has a knack for period movies, having directed The Rocketeer and The Wolfman remake. He really captured the spirit of the era. This was an amazing movie! By the way, I suggest that you stay after the credits. Some people left during the credits. I was, and I think the rest of the people who stayed were, aware that there would be a trailer for The Avengers movie after the credits…

The Drawing Board: Misheard Lyrics

I present to you a Drawing Board short story.

The Drawing Board: Misheard Lyrics

By Josh Ralls

Jack Miller and his cousin Karen Gordon are chatting online about misheard lyrics. A goofy conversation is taking place.

Jack: Hi, Karen! What up?

Karen: Hi, Jack! Not much.

Jack: I’ve been thinking about misheard lyrics. You know “Born This Way” by Lady Gaga, right?

Karen: Yeah.

Jack: There’s a part where she says something about gloss. It sounds to me like “Gribble grass a glibble gloss.” I have no idea what she’s really saying.

Karen: Lol. I never noticed that.

Jack: In Jordon Sparks’ song “Battlefield”, she’s saying “Better go and get your armor.” However, I think it sounds like “Better go gitcharama.”

Karen: “Gitcharama?”

Jack: Yeah. Another one is Manfred Mann’s Earth Band’s song “Blinded by the Light” has lyrics that sound like “Blinded by the light, roll up bobba doosha, ‘nother roner in the night.” However, it’s actually “revved up like a deuce, another runner in the night.”

Karen: I know that s…

The Drawing Board #11 - the Final Steps

This weekend, I drew the guidelines for each panel in The Drawing Board number 11. The last two steps are to draw the details and then color it. The 11th issue continues the storyline of Jack working on his own comic book series.

New Blog Design!

I hadn't thought about mentioning it on my last post, but I changed my blog design yesterday. You have to scroll down towards the bottom to get a really good look at the background, but I put a variety of artworks of mine on it to show what kind of things I can do. I also made a new banner/header. I thought the cartoon image of me was fitting since I have my ongoing comic strip series The Drawing Board now. Speaking of that, I've got the layouts done and I think the next step will be the final draft of that issue. So, watch for that.

Jennifer Kyle (New Look)

I decided to give Jennifer Kyle, from my comic strip titled The Drawing Board, a new outfit. I think this makes more sense because most of the characters are wearing short-sleeve, or sleeveless, shirts. In Fact, Avery Ellis is the only one wearing long sleeves, but then that's pretty much standard with business suits. I also gave Jennifer wavy hair, which I think looks great on her. The next time Jennifer appears in an issue of The Drawing Board, she'll look like this.

The Drawing Board #11 - Layouts

I'm going to be doing layouts soon for The Drawing Board #11. I've got the script all written. I was thinking of doing a monthly spin off of The Drawing Board if I'm not too busy with the main series. I think I would do one issue per month. It would be in the three-panel style. The spin off would focus more on one of the supporting characters or one of the main characters other than Jack. I consider Jack, Jennifer and Matt the three main characters, maybe Violet as the fourth. The whole series mainly centers around Jack. It's about a guy, Jack, who makes a living as an artist. I'm keeping it in mind in case I decide I want to do The Drawing Board and another shorter comic. I don't think I'm completely set on doing The Drawing Board in the Sunday comics format from now on, but I'm giving it a try for now and I'll see how it goes. I plan on having The Drawing Board #11 finished soon and then getting back to the weekly schedule, so stay tuned.

The Drawing Board #11 Progress

I think I've got an ending for The Drawing Board 11. I'll write that out and then get started on the visuals. I've been on a break from the series, but after this issue I think I'm going to get back into posting weekly.

Cartoon Self Portrait 2

This is another cartoon self portrait I drew. I scanned it and digitally colored it.

The Eleventh Issue of The Drawing Board Coming Up

I started writing the eleventh issue of The Drawing Board last night. This one continues the subject of Jack working on his own comic book series. I was thinking of continuing the Sunday comics format, and the process on this one is a little different from the usual. I'm starting out by writing a script. I worked up until panel six last night and figured I should have some humor within the next three panels. There wasn't really any in the previous ones, unless one or both of the characters makes a goofy face or something like that. So, I'll have to figure out where to go from there. I thought about taking a hiatus from the comic strip, and in fact I had skipped posting an issue Sunday. However, I started thinking about what I could do for the next issue and I ended up working on a script for it. I'm not sure if I'm going to get that issue done by Sunday. If not I might try for next Sunday or maybe the middle of next week. So, I'll be working on that. Stay tuned…

Goofy Smurf

Goofy Smurf is a smurf I created. He's a wacky smurf. He's kind of a geek. If I were to compare him to another cartoon character, it would be Pinky of Pinky and the Brain and Animaniacs. I created a transformer, so I thought I'd try creating a smurf, and this is what I came up. I figured he'd be a cool character.

Fastback Rough Concept

Here's a rough concept drawing of a transformer I created. His name is Fastback, and he's an autobot. He can disguise himself as a 1970 Ford Mustang Fastback, hence the name Fastback. His weapon on his left arm is a set of rotating blades formed from the louver on the back window of his Mustang form. A friend of mine on deviantART named Liz, a.k.a. KyaValentine, created some transformers. So, I thought I'd give it a try. There has been a Mustang transformer named Barricade. He was the decepticon in the first live-action movie who could transform into a Mustang police car. I thought it would be cool if there was an transformer on the side of good, the autobots, who could transform into a Mustang, and an older one at that. I think it's pretty cool. I may try to do another drawing of him, a neater one. I'd like to do a more realistic looking drawing of him. This one is kind of cartoony. So, I may try that at some point and see how it goes.