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Avery Ellis

This is another character for my comic strip I'm working on for my blog. The main character, Jack Miller, does a lot of work for a comic book company in which the Editor-in-Chief is Avery Ellis. I consider Avery to be like a cross between actor Chi McBride and people like Stan Lee and Joe Quesada who have been Editor-in-Chief at Marvel Comics. He's a good guy to work for, and he's really enthusiastic about his job.

I think I'm getting to the point where I might have enough characters to go ahead and start my comic strip. I'm thinking about whether or not to do something like a month's worth of strips in one week and then posting one per week, or doing them a week at a time. There are approximately five weeks in a month, and I'm thinking of starting out doing one strip per week, and at some point I might make it a twice weekly or even a daily strip. Also, I've thought about starting it out in black and white. I might do color from the start though. I woul…

Working with Layers II

This is another experimentation with layers on my paint program. Like the previous one, I drew this entirely on my computer. One thing I liked with this one was that I arranged the layers so it does the same thing it does when I use the "darken" feature on my other paintshop program. When I colored the drawing, I went over the black lines without covering them. I think I'll stick with my original method as far as setting layers. With each layer I set a layer and drew. This time I set three layers before doing any drawing and ended up with four. Working with layers is an interesting process that I plan on continuing with.

Jennifer Kyle

Jennifer Kyle is a writer and the girlfriend of Jack Miller in my comic strip for my blog. I'm more or less modeling her after Eliza Dushku, and maybe some women I've known personally. She's a strong, smart woman. She's sweet and she's got a good sense of humor.


Here's a drawing I did years ago. I recently decided to scan it and use it to work on my digital coloring skills.

The Fairly Even Couple

This is a cartoon of Garfield and me. I can really relate to Garfield. In fact, we can probably all relate to him in some way. I titled it "The Fairly Even Couple" because we do differ on some things. For instance, Garfield hates vegetables, but I like them.

Fotolia Contest on Deviantart

Yesterday, the same day I entered in the Queen t-shirt design contest on the Talenthouse site, I entered in the Fotolia contest on Deviantart. You have to take a cat picture, a fruit picture, and a clock picture and put them together in an artwork. My entry is here. I could have done a drawing, but I decided to experiment and do a photo manipulation. The last day for entries is April 4. Potential winners will be selected on April 13. It doesn't appear to say when winners will be announced, so anyone entered or interested in it will have to wait and see after April 13.

Queen T-shirt Design Contest on Talenthouse

I've entered in another contest on the Talenthouse site. This one is to design a t-shirt for Queen for their 40th anniversary. Right now, they're in the entry stage. Voting starts April 20. You can check out my entry here.

Prints for Sale II

As you may recall, a couple years ago I blogged about prints that I had for sale on my Deviantart page. I still have those prints for sale. I'm selective to some degree about what artworks, or devations, I sell prints of. So, I haven't had a lot of prints for sale yet since I first blogged about them in 2009. However, I recently made prints available for three more artworks. I have a section for my prints for sale on my homepage on Deviantart, as well as a gallery category here. Some of my artworks only have a high enough resolution for certain print items. Some of them there are a wide range of print items for. So, if you're interested in buying a print, you can go check my prints for sale and see what's available.

The Golden Avenger

The finalists have been chosen for The Stan Lee Foundation contest on the Talenthouse Web site. You can see them here. I'm not a finalist, so I figured I'd go ahead and post the artwork here. Although I'm not a finalist, I'm proud of this artwork. I think it turned really well. I probably could have gave more of a description of my superhero and drawn him in some kind of pose instead of just standing there, but that's all in the past. In case you missed it, my page on the Talenthouse site is here. I decided to keep it simple with his powers. He has flight, super strength, and he can shoot energy beams from his hands. I originally thought of calling him The Olympian, but I thought that was too close to an existing comic book character. I was originally going have him be a god from Mount Olypus. All in all, I think it's a really cool character and a really cool artwork.