The Terminator

This is a picture I did back around the time of the release of Terminator: Salvation in theaters. I checked the first two Terminator movies from the library and watched the first one. Never got around to watching the second one. I'd seen all three Terminator movies when they first came out on video and I saw Terminator: Salvation in the theater, but when I checked the first two out recently, somehow, after I took the first one back and kept the Terminator 2 longer, I ended up with the first movie in the box for the second one. I asked them if they had a second copy of The Terminator that I didn't know about because I could've sworn I put it in it's own box when I brought it back. But anyway, I drew this picture from the cover of the box for The Terminator. I think all of the Terminator movies have been great.


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