Here's a cartoon of a chef I drew. I was looking through a cartoon book and saw a picture of a chef, and I thought I'd draw it in my style of cartoon drawing. Of course I think my cartoon style kind of varies. I've got another math quiz coming up this week. I guess chapter three is only five sections long. I start going over Chapter 3 tomorrow, the start of the school week. I'm planning on studying one of my drawing books. I don't have any classes other than math and english. The drawing book study is just to sharpen my skills. I'm going to work on Christopher Hart's Human Anatomy Made Amazingly easy and this week or the next I'll work on one of his other books, Drawing Animals Made Amazingly Easy. Sometimes this week I think I'd like to do drawings of a couple of fellow You Tubers, Lelia Broussard and Janey From Korea. I've been thinking about doing one of Lelia since maybe last week. And I just during this blog thought about doing one of Janey, who's also a fellow blogger on Blogger. She's an inspiration to people with Social Anxiety. She's Like a spokesperson for SA. If you have ever dealt with Social Anxiety I recommend you go to her You Tube channel and her blog which in my Blogs I Like section in the side menu off to the right. It's going to be a less busy week as far as school is concerned. All I have to do for english is research for my research paper since the other stuff I worked on last week was for week four also and I finished it last week. This school week starting tomorrow will be my fourth week of college. And I may see if I can get two sections a day done. It depends on how tomorrow goes. So I'll be studying, and I'll see if I can post some really cool portraits this week.


Anonymous said…
you are so brilliant, creative and talented my friend, those are my three adjectives for you

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