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Happy Halloween!

My sister and I did a couple art projects for a Halloween thing at her work place. The one above is a collaboration between her and I. She made the body, and I made the hands and face. She made sort of a styrofoam pyramid and put yellow and black cloth over it for the shirt and it's black zigzag stripe. I completely painted the pumpkin and hands with acrylic paint. She hot glued the parts of the body to keep it together. This was the first project we started on. The second was the window, which you can see below.

I also used acrylic paint on that. I didn't paint a jack-o-lantern face on the pumpkin or anything like that because my sister wanted to keep it up there for Thanksgiving also, and a regular pumpkin works for both. Happy Halloween!

The Man Behind the Mask

I was watching the Friday the 13th marathon on AMC last week and I decided one night to draw Jason Vorhees. The title of this drawing, "The Man Behind the Mask," is a nod to Alice Cooper's song for Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives. The music video for that song is my first, or one of my first, memories of the Friday the 13th franchise. I seem to recall my parents watching possibly that very movie in the series in the '80s. I never got into it at all until recently. I'm generally more into the classic type of horror. Werewolves, vampires, Frankenstein's monster, that sort of stuff. Halloween is two days away. I might watch one or two more Halloween movies. Happy Halloween!


I had a dream about this creature. It was mainly an alligator, but it had plates on it's back like a stegosaurus has. It's been awhile since I had the dream or did the drawing, but the red eyes were either part of the look of the creature in the dream, or I just added that because I thought it would look cool. I thought this would be good for a Halloween post. Halloween is Sunday, so the Halloween themed for my postings will be coming to a close soon, if not with this post. Everybody have a happy Halloween!

The Scarecrow

Here's an artwork I did in 2005 of the Batman villain the Scarecrow. I figured it would make for a good Halloween themed post. I mostly digitally airbrushed it, and I digitally drew the stitches on the mask. The whole thing is digitally actually. I tried to make good use of darkness in the drawing, kind of having the Scarecrow in the shadows. As a bonus, I'm posting the first draft of my award-winning "Lucky Heart" artwork.

Howling in the Night

This drawing, from 2007, started out as just a pencil drawing of a werewolf head. I actually didn't draw a body on it. I just put the area where the body would be in complete darkness. I drew it on paper first, then scanned it and colored it. I'd gotten a Wacom tablet two years before and this was my third year coloring on computer. Before I colored it, my dad mentioned that he thought this drawing would make a good tattoo. I think you'd have to decrease the amount of the dark background. This continues my Halloween themed posting. If not this month, next month I may try to do things like comic book covers, etc.


I did this werewolf drawing back in 2008. I scanned it and digitally colored it, using a fur pattern for the werewolf itself. I plan on all my posts this month being Halloween themed, although some, like this one, may feature a bonus artwork. The bonus in this post is a sequel to my artwork titled "Superman - The Blur Logo", which if you do a search in the search bar at the top of the page, you'll find a post for that one which also includes the one I did of the Zod logo. Check out "Superman - The Blur Logo 2" below.

This is not an exact depiction of the Superman symbol on Clark's new red leather jacket on Smallville, but it's basically what it looks like. At first I thought the zipper going down the front of the jacket, through the symbol, looked like it disrupted the symbol. But the more I saw of it actually works really well. It helps if he doesn't pull the zipper down past the top of the symbol. This picture makes a perfect 1024 x 768 desktop wa…

Who Ya Gonna Call?

This would have made more sense if I posted it before the "Ghostbusters!" post, but here it is. This is one of a type of artwork I call "sketchback" drawings, because I drew it on the back cover of a sketchbook. I drew it in pencil and then went over it with Sharpies. I never thought about it before, but the Ghostbusters movies would actually make for good Halloween movies. I guess I never gave it any thought because it's a horror comedy, and not just horror, but then so is Shaun of the Dead.

Jack Nicholson Werewolf

In keeping with the Halloween themed posts this month, here's another werewolf drawing. This is based on Jack Nicholson's portrayal in the 1994 movie Wolf, in which Jack Nicholson plays an aging writer who becomes revitalized after being bitten by a wolf, and discovers that he is gradually becoming one himself.

Imhotep/Joker Pumpkin

I was watching the original 1932 version of The Mummy last night, and afterward I drew the above picture. It's not an exact likeness of the mummy in his more human form in the movie. I drew it from memory and didn't really try to make it look exactly like Boris Karloff in his role. I always imagined he'd appear with the bandages and the really rough looking face and hands throughout the movie, but he only appears like that in the beginning and throughout all but his last appearance he's in a more human form. He goes by a name other than Imhotep or the mummy in the movie, and I think it's spelled Ardeth Bay. It's a cool movie. Below are some pictures of a pumpkin I just finished painting tonight.

I'm pretty sure this is the first pumpkin I've painted almost all over the whole thing. The only part that's not painted is the area where my signature is. This pumpkin, as I'm sure you can tell, is painted to look like The Joker. I drew the face on in pe…

Josh Ralls, Werewolf

Here's a werewolf comic strip I made. As you can see, I digitally drew over and painted over the pictures of myself to look like I'm turning into a werewolf. I know that usually people don't turn into werewolves during the day in werewolf stories, but some do. It seems like I found out that the people in The Howling can turn into werewolves any time of day. And if you've seen the Teen Wolf movies and/or cartoon series, you know that Scott Howard and his family can too. I'm going to post this below on the blog for awhile.

Vampire Josh Speaks (Updated)

I thought I'd make a vampire version of my artwork titled "Josh Speaks" for Halloween. I was planning on using it for my Twitter page and my "About Me" picture on here, but it looks like it would be too small to see the difference. If I were to draw a Santa Claus hat on there for Christmas or something like that, it would show up really well. This picture picture may not show up well small, but it's something to show on here in a blog post.

UPDATE: I decided to go ahead use the picture as a profile picture after all.

Josh Ralls Bobble Head

I started out this drawing as a caricature. I was thinking about the last pages of the book titled Face Off: Drawing Amazing Caricatures & Comic Portraits, by Harry Hamernik, where in some pictures they show the kind of caricature where the person has a big head and a small body. I felt like drawing like that, but then at some point I thought it would make a cool bobble head design. So, I continued on and added a base to it. At first I had his hands in his pockets. It made it resemble myself in my first logo. But, then I thought it needed something to make it more obvious that I'm an artist, besides my logo which I decided would go on the top of the base. So I redrew the elbows bent and the hands holding art supplies. The right hand holding a pencil and brush, and the left hand holding a sketch pad I figure the kind of paper in the pad could be useful for either watercolor paintings or just sketches. A regular sketch pad wouldn't work quite as well for watercolor paintings…