Shadow of the Bat

Here's another paper graffiti picture I drew recently. Dick Grayson is currently Batman in the comics and Bruce Wayne's son Damian is Robin. Tim Drake is searching the world as Red Robin to find Bruce Wayne, who is presumed dead but is actually alive and MIA. He was last seen by readers drawing on a cave wall. It's only a matter of time before Bruce comes back and becomes Batman again. I don't mind Dick Grayson as Batman but I prefer the original. I hope when Bruce comes back he wears the costume, or a copy of it, that Dick Grayson is wearing. I like the new look. Course if they decided to have Bruce return wearing an even newer costume, that would be interesting to see. Gary Oldman has recently said that the next Batman movie will come in a year or two. If so, that's cool. I'm a big fan of Batman. I have been since 1987 or 1989. Batman (1989) is my favorite movie ever. Batman rocks!


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